What You Should Know About Cones

Transit Cones have come to play a significant role in road and land safety in all countries of the modern world. These striking and necessary implements like speed bumps are widely used as a measure of control and prevention of accidents on roads, highways, and roads automotive traffic, as well as high-risk work areas and pedestrian traffic.

The traffic and road safety authorities competent in this area have been given the task of executing plans and operations that seek to raise awareness and educate people about the importance and need for the proper use of this product. Taking into account official statistical figures where a high percentage of accidents caused by the lack of use of this implement and inadequate road signs are observed.

Why Do We Need Cones

Its use has also been implemented in large and medium-sized constructions. It works where it is necessary to work near pedestrian crossings in slippery areas such as exits and entrances of parking lots, bathrooms in maintenance, and in any other situation that merits proper and correct signaling. That allows adequate and effective security like the rubber parking blocks.

These cones allow people to have a wide range of vision of the prevention area because they are mostly made of PVC plastic or high purity polyethylene, and its main feature is its bright and striking color which can be orange, yellow or in some cases red depending on the situation that requires its use. In many cases, a reflective self-adhesive tape is added, which significantly increases its display properties.

To make them stronger, they should also be added bases or solid rubber fillings to give them an adequate and significant weight, to avoid their fall and inclination and even the frequent thefts of which they are subjected by drivers and selfish people.