Can You Choose a Skateboard Based on Your Gender and Height?

While the skateboard industry has so many varieties of skateboards to suit different requirements, girl skateboards offer the most stability and are built with very high-quality material. The girl electric skateboards is quite pricey, but offers good safety when injuries are a concern. Don’t go by the name of the skateboard, people irrespective of their gender can use girl skateboards for adding safety to their rides.

As a newbie, you must always purchase a preassembled skateboard and not experiment with the hybrid DIY version as there can be risks involved.

Although girl skateboards are quite safe, yet you must ensure that you keep in mind the following factors before purchasing a good quality skateboard especially if you have always been a non-skater before this:

  • Always make sure that the board is made of superior quality material and will not need frequent repair or replacements.
  • Avoid boards that produce a cracking sound when you stand on them even if the manufacturer claims that the board is made of maple wood.
  • Check for the ply numbers that are assembled in the skateboard, a 6-7 plyboard is sturdy enough.
  • While Canadian maple is the best material for making skateboards, fiberglass and bamboo can also be used for making a lightweight yet sturdy skateboard.

You can easily find a sturdy girl electric skateboard with remote on Maxfind Micro-Mobility, which is a premium skateboard brand in the UK. Their Max Pro skateboards are powerful, comfortable, and can attain speed up to 40 Km/hr. Maxfind provides a warranty of 270 days on most of their skateboard models and assure that their skateboards provide higher efficiency and the highest level of on-road safety.

3 factors that can affect your choice of skateboard

1 Riding terrain and style:

  • If you do not take up high speed and ride on a stable surface like urban roads, a wider skateboard is right for you.
  • However, if you want a more freestyle board to do flips, a narrower board will provide more flexibility.
  • Also, as a youth driver, you must use a narrow deck.

2. Your weight and height:

  • Small body stature people will require smaller and narrower boards and vice versa.
  • For people who are shorter than 4 feet 6 inches, the ideal deck size is 7.25-7.75 inches.
  • For medium-height individuals, the deck size range lies between 7.75-8 inches.
  • For taller individuals with height more than 5 feet 6 inches, the size range of 8-8.5 inches is ideal.

3. Your shoe size:

  • A good fit must be established between the board and your shoes.
  • This is why taking into account your shoe size becomes important.
  • Neither the board should be very wide nor should it be very narrow.

Have fun with your latest purchase, but do not ignore your safety while you test your new skateboard. You can follow maxfindboards on Instagram to find the latest addition to their skateboard catalog and to get notified on exclusive deals that they run from time to time.