Ways To Fight Back Against Parental Alienation During Divorce

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Parental alienation is one of the worst problems faced during a divorce or separation. It means the weakening or breaking a child’s bond with one or both of their parents due to miscommunication or less quality time spent. Parent-child bonds are often broken when the parent stops focusing on their child and when a parent manipulates their child into going against the other parent. 

If you are going through a divorce, there might be many things stressing you out, one of them being the fear of parental alienation. However, you can fight back against it using a few simple ways. Meanwhile, speak to a Boston divorce attorney today to understand the divorce process and learn more about your options. 

Ways to fight back against parental alienation during divorce 

  • Do not get defensive. 

This is one of the most important things to remember. When you experience parental alienation, you will feel like explaining yourself and the situation to your children. Worse, you may even start talking about the horrible things your ex-spouse may have done to you or in the presence of your children during and after the marriage. Doing this is alienation too. While you may want to get defensive, do not fall into this trap. 

  • Maintain contact with your child. 

An alienating parent often uses several tricks to separate the child from the other parent, such as denying access to speak or meet them. This is why it is important that you make efforts from your side to maintain contact with your child. If you suspect parental alienation and recognize the signs, speak to the other parent to stop it immediately. Demand to see your child; if refused, speak to an attorney immediately. 

  • Affirm your love. 

When you do manage to speak to or meet your child, tell them you love them and that you have cared for them in your heart. People have their own methods of expressing their love. While some people can say these things directly, others prefer taking their child to their favorite theme park, such as Disneyland. Regardless of the method, let them know you love them. 

  • Do not be an alienator. 

If the other parent is trying to alienate your child from you, you may be urged to do the same to them. You may be tempted to fill your child’s mind with hurtful thoughts about your ex-spouse. However, that rarely does any good. 

A child needs both his mom and dad, and alienating from anyone can do undoable damage to them. Remember that your child needs a kind and good role model, not a negative influence. 

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