Signs that You are Illegally Terminated

While there are terminations that are just and fair, there are also a lot of employees who suffer from an illegal termination. Some of them consult an employment attorney richmond va while there are also some who just kept quiet as they are not aware the termination was illegal. 

So, how will you know if you are illegally terminated? Check this out:

  • Every time you are hired to do something, there should be a contract, especially if that work will last for a certain period of time. Now, if you are suddenly terminated and there is no justifiable reason like you can’t find the reason in the signed contract, you should consult a lawyer. There is a chance that you are illegally terminated and therefore, you must get enough compensations or your job back. 

  • When you are fired because of discrimination. The environment might be okay when you are hired, but then the management changed and the new boss does not like you because of your color. If you are fired because of that, you surely have a case against him. 

  • If you are fired just so your employer sa escape his obligations to you or because he found someone who is willing to take a lower pay, that is still considered as wrongful termination and thus you can file a lawsuit against him. 

  • The employer simply retaliate against you. This is not legally right. You have the right to fight for your right if this is your situation right now. There are a lot of policies that can protect you so you should know about them. 


Hiring an employment lawyer is your best option. He will know how to assess your situation and as long as you will be honest to him, he can advise you right away if you have a strong case or not.