SEO and SMM are two completely separate marketing entities. That being said, the two of them work together to build up brand awareness and traffic for your business. SEO agencies exist to help you with this, but find out more about how much they charge before hiring one.

Brand awareness is highly important, especially for small businesses. When your brand gets to a certain point of awareness, people do your advertising for you.

Obviously, this will only happen if your products and/or services are actually good. That being said, you have to put the work into it.

Let’s take a look at some of the main things you can do to put SEO and SMM together and build brand awareness!

Link Your Social Media Accounts with Your Website

While links and content from social media accounts have no direct effect on your ranking, it is vital that you link them with your website. Any traffic that crosses over from your social media to your website will still improve your ranking and bolster your links.

Conversely, traffic that is already going through your website will also make it over to your social media accounts. Doing so will increase the number of subscribers you have there and potentially gain you further subs through shares and such.

Align Your Keywords

If you use the same keywords (with different content, obviously) on your website and social media accounts, it will further improve your position with them. While SMM has no effect on ranking, the increased level of traffic gained from the connection between your website and social media will have an impact.

Keep Up with Trends and Monitor the Impact

You can’t just blindly use the same content you would on your website through your social media channels. All of your content must be adapted to fit the style of each platform.

On top of that, you must keep up with popular trends that pertain to your business niche. Using these trends and monitoring the impact of the various types of content you are creating will help you better understand how SMM and SEO work together. Find out more about the SEO tools and materials available to help you in this domain.

Good luck to you all!