Types of Medical Cannabis Products in Florida

Florida medical cannabis users can now benefit from multiple weed products, thanks to the legalization of medical weed in the state. Many cannabis outlets are coming up, and the best winter haven medical dispensary stocks various products. However, choosing the right product can be daunting. And understanding your choices goes a long way.

Here are different medical products available in Florida:

  1. Edibles

 With the legalization of edible marijuana in August 2020, edibles have since become a favorite among many. They come in different forms, such as cookies, chocolate, gummies, beverages, and more. They are cost-effective, and you’ll get them at varying prices. If you love sampling the flavors, you got various options with edibles. They come in distinct flavors and aromas, and you and always get one to suit your preferences.

Unlike other cannabis products, edibles take longer to produce effects, and understanding this avoids many risks. What does this mean? You can easily overdose yourself if you continue taking more doses to feel the effects. Instead, wait for 30 minutes to two hours, and you’ll begin experiencing the effects. 

Also, it’s not easy to determine the correct dosage with edibles. It’s then advisable to start with minimal doses and keep adjusting them until you achieve the desired effects.

  1. Tinctures& sprays

 Tinctures are liquid alcoholic concentrates and are available in leading winter haven dispensaries near me. You administer them under the tongue using a dropper and get quick results. The doses are more precise, which avoids the risk of under dosing or overdosing. For the sprays, they are different from tinctures due to their burning sensation. They are easy to use and are easily absorbed into the body.

  1. Pills

Pills are not very common but come with many benefits. They are a discreet way of consuming cannabis and don’t produce the smoke associated with smoking weed. That’s not all; pills are excellent choices for users who dislike the marijuana taste and resemble most supplements in the market. They work as edibles, meaning they take a longer period to offer the desired effects. Pills are easy to dose and have more accurate doses, making them ideal for beginners.

  1. Balms& Ointments

Balms are topical products and are effective pain relievers. You apply the ointment to affected areas and will begin to experience the effects after about an hour. Balms feature a string smell and work best for migraines, swelling, and severe pain.

What are the restrictions regarding medical cannabis use in Florida?

The legalization of medical weed in Florida comes with stringent regulations. You can only use the products in private places, and there’s a limit to the products you can possess at a time. Also, it’s illegal to sell or share the products with other medical marijuana patients. For flower or buds, you should seal with a tamper-proof container which you’ll get in most dispensaries. It’s also illegal to move with the products out of the state.

Wrapping up

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida stock different products. You can choose from a wide variety of edibles, ointments, sprays, tinctures, and more. Choose what works for you and understand the dosage instructions before using the drug.