Top Training Courses for your Salesforce

Whichever way you look at it, the salesforce is the cutting edge of any business; without it, there would be no orders and more importantly, no revenue to pay the wages. If you feel that sales figures are not what they could be, here are a few training courses that are specifically designed for sales.

  • Closing the sale – The most critical step of the entire sales process is closing the deal, which can be as simple as asking for the order. A good closer would have quite a few different strategies and during the initial meeting, the salesperson would weigh up the prospect and choose a closing strategy. You might have several people in your team with a lower-than-normal closing ratio, in which case, enrol them in a sales closing course, such as those offered by Optima Training,a leading Thai company with an excellent track record.
  • Negotiation – This is a very important skill for a salesperson; it is rarely the case of a straightforward sale, there is usually some type of negotiation and your team can learn more about various negotiating techniques. It is important to know when to introduce your position and the trainer can tailor the course to suit the students.
  • Customer service –Every successful company is customer focused and a course would include things like assessing the client’s needs, developing active learning skills and being aware of the risk of misunderstanding.
  • Mindset & motivation – A sales team without drive and motivation would not be very successful and if yours is a new team, send the manager on an intensive training course to develop certain interpersonal skills, such as motivation. It goes without saying that a positive mindset is vital, as salespeople face a lot of rejection in their day-to-day life.
  • Key account management – VIP clients require special management protocols and there are courses that focus on managing key accounts. Of course, younger sales staff should be gradually introduced to key customers, working under supervision. Click here for in-store advertising tips.

Professional Training

The first thing a sales training academy would do is carry out a detailed needs assessment to determine suitable content for the training program. A team of experts would wish to visit your business premises with the aim of gathering data that would be used to put together a proposal for the management to consider.

Strengthen weaknesses

The goal of any sales training program is to work on weak areas and with professional trainers and customised content, this can be achieved. Close contact with your sales team should ensure accurate feedback and together, you can hone the team’s skillsets, which leads to reaching your sales targets.

If you are planning to set up a business in Thailand, make sure you talk to a leading sales training academy and set up a program to hone the skills of your new sales team that will result in a successful launch.

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