If you are planning to buy a DSLR camera and still confused about what all you need to consider before purchasing it. Then you have arrived absolutely at the right place.

Do you also have love and passion for photography and like to click photos constantly? Then it’s time for you to buy a DSLR camera. Make sure that you first consider the type of photography for which you need to buy a camera and then select accordingly.

Be it a wedding, school event, family function or any random function the type of photography is going to highly influence the type of camera you will select in order to utilize for the purpose.

Mohsen Motamedian is a well-known photographer and says that the quality of the camera has a big impact on photography skills. Below-stated are a few things that you need to consider before buying a camera.

The glass

One of the major things that you need to consider while you are selecting the camera is lenses. Mohsen Motamedian Washington Says that the lenses of your camera are going to affect the appearance of your picture to a great extent.

There are chances that you require different kinds of lenses for capturing photos.

Professional or hobbyist

Just because you are a professional photographer, it does not mean that you require a DSLR camera only. There are many professionals who depend on 35mm film cameras for capturing the ultimate images.

In case you are new to photography or fond of clicking pictures then it is not important for you to have a DSLR camera. For the first two years, you can always use a point & shoot camera and then slowly move towards the ultra-zoom camera.

Once you have used the ultra-zoom camera properly and learnt all the basic of photography perfectly then you can definitely move towards DSLR camera.

You can definitely buy a full-frame sensor DSLR camera if you are a professional photographer and want to move towards the digital age.

Video recording 

Mohsen motamedian USA says that when you are buying a DSLR camera or any other camera it is very important for you to consider its video recording capability. In the market, there are cameras who can easily record in 1080p (Full HD) but there are also cameras who can only house a non-HD (720p) recording abilities.

Therefore, this is going to assist you in understanding the complete quality of the video that you will make with your DSLR camera.

Frames per second

This mainly means that how many photos your camera is able to take per second. If you want to go for some sports shoot or any fast action scenes then higher frames per second are very beneficial.

Automatic sensor cleaning

By making the utilization of ultrasonic vibrations there are many cameras that have a feature to shake the dust off the camera sensor. It is one of the most beneficial features that you need to look for while buying the camera.


Budget or price is one of the major factors that you need to consider while purchasing a DSLR camera. You need to plan out your budget properly and see that which camera comes under your range limit.

Once you have a complete list of cameras that are under your budget, you can easily compare their price on the internet.

Therefore, Max Motamedian is an expert in this field and takes care of all the above-stated points while purchasing the perfect camera. If you want that your camera runs for a long time without any problem then do consider these points once.