Top 3 Adventurous Must-Do Desert Safari Dubai Activities 2020

To get a suggestion of the real landscape and explore it, to enjoy doing shopping in the largest malls in the world, to enjoy the tour of the world’s tallest building, and have an amazing time on the beach, No worry this is way easy to book your desert safari Dubai tour by one of the best and renowned tour operators such as Happy Desert Safari and have amazing tours not only desert safari tours but also Dhow cruise Dubai, Abu Dhabi city, and Dubai City tour. With the ride through the dunes, have a delicious buffet dinner with an extensive variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, enjoy the sunset and traditional photography, enjoy a camel ride, and much more fun filled sand activities. Sounds fun…

But at the beginning of the tour, you will be greeted by Happy Adventures Tourism’s driver that will pick you up at your doorstep or hotel and after picking you up your journey for the desert safari begins.

Dubai Desert Safari – Dune Bashing  

In desert safari Dubai, dune bashing is a crazy sand activity in which 4X4 vehicles will drive over the dunes at varying speed, in short dune bashing is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping sport. No trip is desert safari complete without the wild experience of sailing through heaps of sand and flying up into the air when the car bash against the golden dunes.

Never forget your emotions when you set off from atop a dune and switch through the unstable, steep, and spine-chilling slides of sands. You should also follow the general rules to ensure your safety which are:

Desert Safari Dubai – Safety Rules for Dune Bashing:  h3

  1. Tighten your seat belt before the ride.
  1. Make sure that your children’s belts are fastened.
  1. Only experienced this ride with professionally trained drivers because it requires skill and technique to maneuver through soft sand at high speed.
  1. Wear comfortable, simple, and light clothes.
  1. Do not eat a heavy meal before the ride.
  1. Stop the ride if you feel scared and nauseous.
  2. Dune bashing is not recommended for children under 3 year’s old, pregnant women, and those with back problems.

Dubai Desert Safari – Dune Buggy 

Dubai is a city that attracts adventure seekers, travelers, and tourists from many desert activities. But among these activities, dune buggy riding has been steadily gaining popularity over the years, among both tourists and locals alike. If you are a speedy driver over challenging terrain is what you are looking for, then you must need to try a dune buggy ride, where you will get to explore the dunes and everything you will get across the desert of Dubai on a dune buggy.

Desert Safari Dubai – Things Make Dune Buggy Riding in Dubai Special: h3

The things that make dune buggy special in Dubai is enjoying the views of the desert, all you need to follow your instructor when he is leading you into the desert and find the expansive land at your own pace. This dune buggy ride is ideal for beginners because, at the start, your trainer will go over all the dos and don’ts with you to make sure that you are ready for this adventurous ride, and apart from giving you clear instructions you will be also provided a variety of safety gear such as goggles, helmets, etc. to protect your eyes and ears from the wind, all you need to do just follow the directions of your guide.

Desert Safari Dubai – Quad Bike 

There are many speedy adrenaline sports on four wheels, many of you might think quad biking in the desert falls into that category but you would be wrong because quad biking is less about adrenaline and speed and more about tactics and skills being at one with your machine. Quad biking is great fun, especially during the winter.

Dubai Desert Safari – How to Enjoy Quad Bike in Dubai? 

Dubai is a famous vacation destination in the world. Dubai has been established so well that when it comes to tourism it is ranked first. If you visit Dubai without experiencing a desert safari then you won’t be able to cherish the best time of your life. Quad biking is almost the same as the desert safari, all you have to do is just hire your vehicle and fight the dunes. This ride is mostly fit for adrenaline junkies.

Desert Safari Dubai is the finest place to be visited once in life because it allows enjoying a lot of activities including a Quad biking ride through the ever-changing dunes of sand, where you can enjoy this outside the track or in the track. By riding a quad bike, you will be having a memorable experience in the sand, and Happy Adventure tourism’s professional trainer will be there to guide you and help you out in the best possible way.

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