Nail Polish Solutions in The Great Variety

Guys, nail polish is one of the darlings of women when it comes to beauty, right? After all, when you have your nails painted, whether with light or dark colors, your hands or feet get all the attention. And as this is a subject that is very successful, we have separated some really cool tips for you. Come check with me.

How to choose

Look, there are many colors and types of nail polish. You can choose between sparkling, creamy, metallic, light, dark, transparent, textured and so on. Therefore, doubts may arise when choosing, right? Use for the best options there.

Well, the truth is that there is no fixed rule. The most important thing is to choose the nail polish you like and makes you feel good. So, experiment a lot, since this is the best way to know if that color matches your style or not. Now, just take a look at my suggestions:

  • If you work in a more formal place, light colors for everyday use may be the best choice. Then, you can leave the flashy dark tones for a party or party, how about?
  • In addition, if the enamel peels, you can disguise it easier with light colored enamel, as it is not so apparent. And the bottle is not always around to give that touch up, right?
  • In the past, it was common to hear that light colors matched summer and dark colors were perfect for winter. Did that change see? No matter what the temperature is, use what you like.
  • Nude enamels, which range from light beige to pink equally light, making it a huge success. They combine with work and ballad.
  • Now, if your style is more outgoing, strong colors like green, yellow, orange and some sparkling are your face. They also have bluish, orange, gold and gray tones.

Transparent base helps protect your nails

Do you want to do your nails at home and have a professional result? The experts can help you. Take a look at these tips so that the nail polish looks beautiful and lasts longer:

  • The first step is to sand the nail until you get the desired shape, round or square, okay?
  • Take the opportunity to pass the sandpaper through the nail too, so you remove any imperfections and leave it very smooth.
  • If you want to remove the cuticle, you can do it in two ways. From the first, soak your hands for a few minutes in a pot of water. Take it out of the water and push the cuticles with a wooden nail stick or spatula.

Then, remove the excess cuticle with pliers and guys, make delicate movements so you don’t get hurt, combined?

Another very easy way is to use a cuticle remover, which is a product with a special formulation that helps to remove, in addition to the cuticle itself, the dead cells around the nail.

  • It is very easy to use: you just need to apply the cuticle remover, let it act for a few seconds or minutes, depending on the product. When in doubt, always consult what it says on the packaging, okay? And then, just remove everything with a spatula.
  • When finishing the preparation of the nails, dry your hands well with a towel and do not apply any type of cream on your hands.
  • To protect your nails and make each one stronger, apply a transparent base coat. Ready.It is the time to apply the nail polish.

Finish the balls

For those who do their nails at home, a very common problem is the appearance of air bubbles that end up with the beauty of any nail polish. But it’s easy to avoid that, see? Just take these precautions here:

  • Check the validity of the base and enamel before using.
  • Avoid making your nails in places with drafts or very hot.
  • Apply a layer of finish with finisher or extra shine.
  • Apply thin layers of enamel, between two or three at most.