No need to spend time and energy on the road and talking with consultants, you can carefully examine the product and compare the cost of several sellers, there is time to think about and decide whether you need this purchase.

There are also disadvantages to online shopping. First, scammers can trick you. Secondly, a real product can be much worse than its virtual bright image.

We have to understand how to avoid problems when shopping with your vanilla gift card balance on the network.

How Can They Cheat?

They Do not deliver the purchase. Some online stores are fully prepaid. Sometimes after that, you may receive defective goods or not see your purchase at all.

To Bring Defective Goods

The courier is often in a hurry, so you cannot carefully examine the purchase. And when you later find out that the product is defective, they refuse to change it under the pretext that you ruined the thing.

Sign For Spam

Unscrupulous online sellers require you to specify not only the phone number for communication, but also other personal information that does not apply to the purchase. And then they will sign you up for spam and advertising calls.

Phishing Site

Some sites only disguise themselves as an online store. All they need to do is to trick your bank card information with a secret code to steal your savings.

Illegal Goods

Some goods that are sold in foreign online stores in Russia may be prohibited. For example, Google Glass or a pen with a built-in voice recorder. Therefore, be careful before buying something that is not for sale at all. Perhaps this is no coincidence.

What To Look Out For

On the address bar of the browser, the pages for entering confidential data of any serious service are always protected, and the data is transmitted in encrypted form. The site address should begin with “https: //”, next to which a green closed lock is drawn.