Things You Need to Know About NAPLAN

Aussie students in Years three, five, seven, and nine are taking the National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) every year. This test is a continuous part of Australia’s National Assessment Program (NAP).

Your child will only take this test once every two years, and it takes a year for the program to release the results. Once the results are released, your child will be compared to other kids across the country.

If you want your child to feel confident about taking this test, you can help them by giving them a NAPLAN tutoring. Your child’s understanding of the Curriculum will provide them with the confidence to take the test. 

As a parent, you need to know what NAPLAN is and how it works, as this will tell you how your child is learning at school. This article will show you the things you need to know about NAPLAN.

NAPLAN assesses the student’s skills in three different literacy areas – language and writing conventions (grammar, punctuation, and spelling), reading, and math. All schools in Australia have been administering the assessment every May from 2008.

Why do schools administer NAPLAN?

  • NAPLAN belongs to the NAP, which monitors and reports the student’s achievement in the past.
  • It is the only national test in full cohort that is being taken by the students. It is also the single test that is capable of comparing data about numeracy and literacy achievement across Australia.
  • The result of the assessment is a tool to measure the country’s education system. It tells how well young Australians are equipped with critical numeracy and literacy skills. 
  • The assessment provides information on how each child is improving in school by comparing them to other children in the country.
  • NAPLAN data informs the government about the areas they need to prioritize for resourcing so they can deliver funds to where it is badly needed.
  • Teachers gain permission to the answers that each student made for every question allowing them to create an excellent strategy to help the students.
  • Parents will know the way their child performs compared to other children across the country.
  • Students have the opportunity to show what they have achieved in school.

Where do they post NAPLAN results?

The national-level report and related data will be posted on the NAP’s website; this is hosted by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). On the other hand, the NAPLAN’s results for school-level are posted on My School’s website after a year of the test’s administration.


How do the NAPLAN results report?

Every August, ACARA delivers primary results from NAPLAN in and releases a full national report every December. The full report compares the results for each territory and state, breaking down the whole national results. It shows the achievements of the students from various demographic groups.

For every numeracy and literacy area assessed, the national report from NAPLAN presents the result of each student who belongs to a linguistically and culturally diversified background. It will also compare the student’s performance by gender, school’s location (regional, major cities, very remote, remote), as well as their parent’s education and occupational background.

Keep your child from the stress and pressures that are caused by taking the exam. NAPLAN tutoring is an effective way to boost their confidence in facing the assessment. Find a tutor who can provide a full report about your child’s understanding of the Curriculum and can create a learning plan to help them. 


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