Things to do while Planning for Fire Damage Restoration


In the year 2017, it was estimated that nearly 23 million dollars were spent simply on the property damages that happened due to the fire concern. This is just the number that got inflated a little because of the wildfires especially happened in California in the year 2017 that resulted in the massive destruction. But when it comes to preparing for the house fire devastation, well it will be overwhelming but with fire restoration detroit services at least things can be brought under control. It does not matter how massive was the fire or the total destruction that happened, if the right action is taken on time, then losses that can happen due to smoke damages can be avoided.

The fire restoration detroit services consist of a team of experienced people who starts with firstly understanding the damage extent and ensuring the items are well secured which luckily did not get damaged during the wire and then the whole renovation process begins. Here are some quick process understandings that can be helpful.

Know more about fire restoration:

Before understanding the process, it is important to have clarity about the basics too. The service of fire damage restoration includes the whole process to return the smoke and fire-damaged property back to normal in its pre-loss state. As per the damage caused because of the fire, the whole restoration and construction process will take place which can take weeks or even months to finish. This includes root removal, odor control, debris removal, and even deodorization. If the demolition is needed the process will be followed and the whole reconstruction can also be done further.

Understanding the whole process:

  • Assessment of the damage:

Whether it is the whole construction of the damaged property or just a restoration to be done, the whole area will be first assessed by the expert. It shall include examination such as knowing the condition of the structure and establishing how far the smoke and flames had been penetrating it. Experts can further estimate the whole clean-up process.

  • Contents removal:

This is the next step that shall be followed after estimation. If the whole construction of the house needs to be done, then mostly all of the content whether damaged or not damaged will be removed. But if it is just the restoration process then the crew will remove the damaged items carefully and then estimate the restoration cost too.

  •  Controlled demolition:

If there are certain property areas that cannot be repaired or replaced then the team shall advise the demotion process. This can include ceiling, damaged drywall, flooring and even other material that needs to be demolished and removed entirely.


Once the removing and cleaning are done, there will be a complete reconstruction and fire restoration detroit service taken care of to make sure all the rebuilding and repairs are done well. In case of any further examination needs to be done, the area’s contractor can be coordinated who holds good expertise in that area.