Who doesn’t love SEO? SEO is an extremely powerful and proven way to make a name for your brand online. As a client, you need to know how to identify what makes an SEO company successful. While many SEO companies promise you success, only a handful of those companies can deliver what they promise.

Performing Market Research

It sounds like a great idea to work with an SEO company that will immediately start placing backlinks on your blog to help you rank. However, is that really the best approach? Successful SEO companies that have been in the field for many years know the value of market research.

Market research allows SEO companies to perform a competitor analysis. The competitor analysis report could reveal many things about your niches, such as competitor backlinks, keyword performance and more. SEO services conduct researches to draw a conclusion as to how competitive your niche is for the keywords you wish to rank for.

A competitor analysis will also show you how much monthly traffic your competition is receiving per country. Having this data as a client could open your eyes to pursuing clients in different countries. Smart SEO services can also find out what percentage of site traffic is coming from search engines and blogs.

Many successful bloggers get about 20% of their blog traffic from other blogs that receive traffic. This is because those bloggers purchase guest posts on successful high traffic blogs of relevant niches. As a client, you probably would have never considered guest posting until your SEO firm showed you the data he gathered.

Ways To Gain Financially

Gathering new data on behalf of clients gives a Manchester SEO company an opportunity to make extra money It’s also an intelligent way to prove to the client what is working for their competition right now. New data opens the mind to new possibilities for success and creates a trusted win-win situation between business and client.

Know What They Are Selling

Amateur SEO firms typically don’t know their product well enough. They may say their backlinks are spam-free and permanent but that, in fact, is not true. The rookie is mostly considered with making a profit from selling backlinks that he knows will die out after three to six months. Many scam companies in the field of SEO sale bogus backlinks because they want the client to continue coming back month after month.

Many low-quality companies have gotten away with these tactics because they offer backlinks that are good enough at a very affordable price. Successful companies, on the other hand, charge more because they know their high-quality backlinks stick around much longer. You might pay a total of $200 per month for the first five months. However, what made it all worth your while was the fact that you won’t have to deal with the SEO firm again until a couple of years later.


SEO firms that have achieved high success in the past know the importance of keeping track of successful projects from the past. For this reason, many companies keep portfolios of past projects. These portfolios also outline the details of how they finished the SEO projects. This is a great way to build trust and confidence in future clients seeking to hire your company.

Often startup SEO providers will join free sites like Fiverr and offer their services for much lower than what it is worth. Once the seller has achieved a certain seller level or received many good star feedback reviews, the seller takes a screenshot of his success and places it on his official website for many to see.

Scout New Opportunities

The art of becoming a successful SEO company involves many factors as you can see. The services you provide and how much you charge will determine your overall success rate. Truly practicing authenticity and integrity goes a long way. If your goal isn’t to see your clients smile than your wasting your time.