The addiction for cell phones is increasing with each passing day. People are boasting about the latest series after a purchase is made. Everyone wants to prove that his or her cell phone is better than the one the other has, be it an iPhone or Android-based. There are many online platforms such as Movical which speak about a lot of cell phones to choose from. You should also check best cell phone booster for rural areas.

Let’s take a dig at few unique differences between Android-basedSmartphone and iPhone:

  1. Small Battery Life

iPhones have smaller battery life as compared to the battery life of Android-based Smartphones. Although Apple (company for iPhones) supports its product with advanced hardware and software optimization to boost battery life, but unfortunately, these ideas flopped over a period of time and iPhone still faces the same battery problem.

  1. Intact iOS security levels

iOS offers phone security at its peak. Apple controls all the Apps that run on iPhones. iPhones will allow you to download Apps only through App Store; whereas, you can download any App in Android from any location. iPhones share a very rigid security system.

  1. No Headphone Jack

Apple has removed the headphone jack from all the current iPhone models. Well, the step is in favor of bringing down the number of people walking on the streets putting on their headphones. This attitude has caused a lot of road accidents. You can check these things on sites such as Movical to be on safe side.

  1. No easy transfer of media files from iPhones to Windows PC

Well, transferring media files from iPhones to Mac is quite easier; however, things don’t look so easy when you’re transferring the same files to a Windows PC. There are compatibility issues. You will need to download some stuff from the internet in case you want to transfer personal data of any sort to your PC.

Hope the above-mentioned points help you understand the differences between an Android Smartphone and iPhone.