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Changing your shower column is a quick and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a facelift. emergency plumber Service is delighted to share his tips with you.

Shower’s column

It is often complicated to completely renovate your bathroom for a question of budget. However, everyone is happy with the change. So we will have to find a compromise.

Why not add a nice decoration, new storage or even change equipment?

  • It’s not much, but it can make all the difference, we guarantee it.
  • This is a good way to bring a little freshness to this room without having to invest a lot in it. We can then recommend a new groundsheet, a brand new set of towels or a new washbasin.
  • But today we have chosen to tell you about the shower column. This is a detail that seems to be rather banal. But believe us, a beautiful designer shower column can become a highlight. And yes the shower column is visually very aesthetic.

Shower column: as stylish as it is useful

But first of all, what is a shower column? Well, it is quite simply a piece of equipment that includes all the elements of your tap. That is to say the shower head, the hose (hose), the mixer and the shower bar. These are the basic components of a shower column. It is then possible to add “options” such as lighting, a soap dish, or even a storage shelf.

  • But what will really make the difference is the model chosen. Indeed, the current market offers thousands of different designs from classic to the most atypical.
  • In addition, the choice of material will also play a major role in the visual rendering of your shower head. There are plastic, aluminum, synthetic glass, synthetic resin or even exotic wood (etc.) equipment. From our side, we recommend brushed stainless steel or chrome plating for a rather luxurious result.
  • But it is also necessary to think about the maintenance of this one before making your choice. In fact, the shower head is generally exposed to a high level of humidity. It is therefore important to think of a durable material with easy and hygienic maintenance.
  • After having delivered all our little tips, we hope that it will be easier for you to make your choice because it is above all a question of taste.

The bathtub

With temperatures set to hit over 40 degrees this week, the idea of ​​cooling off in a nice, cool bath makes us all want, doesn’t it? Well, it is in this burst of freshness that today Service has chosen to tell you about the bathtub.

The bathtub, this is a theme that makes you dream. Yet today it is no longer necessarily a luxury although you are still lucky if you have one in your bathroom. Indeed, because beyond the budget which can be expensive for this type of equipment, it requires above all to have enough space in its bathroom to consider its installation.


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