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Washing your hands is an integral part of maintaining your own health and that of those around you. On a daily basis, you come into contact with thousands of surfaces, from your cell phone to shared yoga mats, which can cause germs to build up on your hands. When you touch your face which a person does on average 200 times a day germs can get into your system, which can make you sick.

How to wash your hands properly?

  1. First, moisten your hands with hot water
  2. Place 1 to 2 knobs of soap in the palm of your hands. Be generous! Close the tap during the 20 seconds of washing.
  3. Rub the palms of your hands together
  4. Rub your hands together making sure to clean between your fingers
  5. Before and after treating a cut or wound
  6. After touching animals, including pets

If you live in a city, your trips are likely to be very frequent. It is impossible to avoid coming into contact with many people and contaminated surfaces. By washing your hands when you arrive at work and when you return home, you will help reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria that may have built up during your commute. Also make use of the iherb hrvatska promo code for buying the right health capsules for you.

How To Avoid Dry Hands

We have established that it is important to wash your hands frequently. But sometimes keeping your hands clean can come at a price: dry skin. Excessive washing can dehydrate the hands and leave a feeling of dryness, tightness and discomfort.

But don’t worry.There are several ways to keep thirsty hands perfectly hydrated – we recommend using a moisturizing cream or lotion throughout the day which will help restore moisture to the skin more easily.

Our collection of hand creams pair perfectly with our hand cleansers to help preserve their beauty and well-being.

Over the past 10 years, searches for the term “vegan” have increased by 445% on the internet. Considering the growing number of people adopting (or considering adopting) a vegan diet, and the search for cruelty-free vegan alternatives, it’s no wonder that cosmetics are also affected.

At Lush, making cruelty-free products has always been at the heart of our values, and the majority of our products are vegan. So they’re easy to incorporate into your beauty routine – if you aren’t using them already! In this article, you will discover the products that will allow you to make your morning, noon and evening routines a little more vegan.

Show your prettiest face

How to start your vegan face routine? Why not a cleanser, to gently eliminate everyday impurities, removes makeup if necessary, and purifies pores? A well-cleaned face is a happy face. Using the iherb ae promo code  for proper buying the right medication is important in this case.

To complete the action of your cleanser, you can also use an exfoliant from time to time, to sublimate your complexion and refresh the skin by removing dead cells. If you’re looking for a gentle, yet effective, and of course, deliciously scented exfoliator, let the good times roll might be for you. Polenta and corn flour offer your face a gentle and sublimating exfoliation, but also softening thanks to the corn oil. This exfoliating cleanser, which exudes a wonderful scent of caramel popcorn, is gentle enough to use every day if desired.