The Importance of Well Lit Exit Signs in Commercial Buildings

Have you ever found yourself in an emergency that required you to dash towards an exit door? How did you react? Was the exit sign easy to find? Imagine being at a gathering with lots of other people when suddenly, something goes wrong, and you need to evacuate the building. At this precious moment in time, what is the first thing you will look for? The closest exit sign?

The irony of exit signs is that people only find them useful when there is an actual emergency. Commercial buildings are required to have clear and well-lit exit signs to make it easy for people to navigate to the exit in an emergency. In case of a fire, with thick, black smoke everywhere, only the presence of a well-lit exit sign would make it easy for people to find their way out.

People respond differently to danger or threats. Even a person who works in that commercial building cannot trace the exit by memory alone during an emergency. This is why it’s not only important to have an emergency exit, but it’s equally important to have it lit up and visible. Emergency exit signs should be tested regularly by specialists like Jims Fire Safety, to ensure that the sign is functioning and the bulbs are illuminating properly.

Here are the benefits of having well-lit exit signs in your commercial building:

Ensures Timely and Safe Evacuations

The first thing people will do when the fire alarm system goes off is to look for emergency exits. Having well-lit exit signs will make it easy and faster for people to see the signs and evacuate sooner and safely. It is especially critical for people to be able to evacuate fast enough in the event of a fire to make sure that most people can leave before the smoke gets too much and the fire spreads. Make sure that the exit signs are always well-lit and work properly at all times.

It is in Accordance with OSHA Regulations

The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) ensure emergency lights and fire protection systems are present in all commercial buildings to ensure safety. As per the OSHA regulations, every commercial building should make sure the building is safe and compliant with the code of safety. Hence, find a fire protection contractor to install or inspect the exit lights in your commercial building.

They Make it Easy for First Responders to do Their Jobs       

In case of a fire emergency, well-lit exit signs will help the firefighters quickly move through the building. Commercial buildings should be keen on exit signs because they give first responders an idea of where they are headed, considering that they are not familiar with the building’s setting. With well-lit exit signs, even responders who are new to the building will be able to cut through the smoke and darkness to make their work much more manageable. Emergency exits should also be obvious to help search and rescue teams effectively look for and rescue any survivors.

They Keep People Calm During Emergencies

People always want to know how they will keep themselves safe during an emergency. With well-lit exit signs on the stairwells and hallways, people will be able to understand where they should go. It can be terrifying for a crisis to happen in a commercial building you are unfamiliar with. But it will be less frightening if you can quickly and clearly see the exit signs.