The Importance of Plumbing Continuing Education

As you begin your career in plumbing as an apprentice, you are likely seeking to move up to positions as a journeyman or perhaps even a master plumber.

Regardless of where you are on your path, continuing education (CE) credits may be required, but either way, CE courses will definitely benefit you throughout your plumbing profession in numerous ways such as the following.

1. Boost Your Promotion Opportunities

Pursuing continuing education in plumbing refreshes and elevates your skill level, and employers will take notice.

They recognize that you’re investing money and time into self-improvement and will be more likely to consider you for promotions over less committed staff.

CE credits may be just what’s needed to make you qualified for that next position.

2. Increase Your Salary

Continuing education has the potential for higher starting salaries at new jobs or raises in current positions.

While it will require time and perhaps a financial investment, the rewards are generally reaped through increased salary as your knowledge and skills improve and advance.

3. Advance Your Professional Image

Let’s face it—other contractors and suppliers want to work with dependable individuals who take their trade seriously.

CE courses for plumbers promote that highly marketable image as you will be on the cusp of current industry trends and skills.

You’ll even learn how to establish and maintain strong relationships with plumbing supply vendors during many of your classes.

4. Continuing Education Opens Doors for New Job Opportunities

Plumbers who want to advance to the ranks of journeyman or master plumber will definitely require further education.

These professionals will also need to take continuing education credits annually to maintain licensure in many states. So, if you want to aim for a management or higher paying position in plumbing, continuing courses are a part of your journey.

Continuing education courses for plumbers can be taken at many local community and vocational colleges, and there are some classes that can be taken fully online. So, there’s no excuse for not staying current—and most importantly relevant—amid the plumbing industry.