The Importance of Cleaning Office Doors

When working with an office cleaning service to keep your workplace clean, do you make sure the doors are cleaned as well? Well, the truth is that doors are some of the most touched and used parts of a building. 

Anytime someone walks into your office, break room, restroom, copy room, or any other section of your workplace, they will have to open and close a door. Unfortunately, dark doors won’t show dirt, but that doesn’t mean dirt, grime, and germs aren’t there. 

Since they are high-traffic areas, office doors are always prone to bacteria and viruses which can easily spread to everyone in the workplace. In this post, we discuss some of the critical reasons why you should always ensure your office doors are properly cleaned. 



Employees and visitors use their hands to turn the doorknob and push or pull the doors to open. The problem with people’s hands is that they usually carry a lot of germs. Typically, when someone sneezes, coughs, or even wipes their nose, the germs will end up on their hands. 

The same person will then use the contaminated hands to open and close office doors. In the process, the germs from their hands are passed onto the door. 

Science tells us that cold viruses can survive for up to a day on surfaces, while harmful bacteria that usually cause diseases can survive on the door surface for up to five months. All this time, the bacteria will be multiplying and occupying more space. 

Now, think of the number of people who will have touched the door within the 24 hours or five months and the risk they are exposed to. In simple words, as long as you don’t keep your office doors clean, the risk of an epidemic outbreak in your workplace is quite high.


  • Show Good Impression


The other reason why you need to work with a professional office cleaning company Laval experts to keep your office doors clean is to create a good impression. Keep in mind that nobody wants to touch a dirty and dull-looking doorknob that feels sticky. It is utterly disgusting. 

As a business owner, one of your core responsibilities is ensuring that your workspace is always clean. You want your clients and business partners to see a clean and sleek working space when they walk into your office. 

The professional look creates a great impression and builds their trust in your business. But since the door is the first thing they will see before entering your office, it is crucial to ensure that it is always in perfect condition. In fact, the door serves as the face of your values as a business and can easily make or break your reputation.


  • Enhance Productivity


Sicknesses and absenteeism due to illnesses lead to a lot of lost business hours. Lost time may lead to lost money and opportunities. Such things can never be recovered in the business world. 

On the contrary, the money you will pay office cleaning company Laval experts to keep your doors clean is much less compared to what you may lose in the long run. Cleaner doors mean healthy employees, which in turn means smoother workflows and increased productivity.