The Evolution Of Recruitment

Mobile recruitment is a recruitment strategy based on the design and implementation of an application or website, optimized to be consulted on any mobile device, allowing people to easily access and apply to job offers available in the company.

This strategy aims to simplify and facilitate candidates’ job search experience while improving the employer branding of the company and positioning it as a recognized employer brand in the market, adapted to current trends in recruitment and the use of mobile and virtual technologies to carry out their processes.

Mobile recruiting software allows optimizing the contact between the company and the candidate, accessing the necessary information quickly, interacting in real-time, and following up the different phases of the process, all within reach of the use of the mobile device and internet connection.

Companies with applications and websites optimized to initiate candidate application processes from their mobile devices are more recognized than those without such functionality. It is vital to offer this usability experience to generate a reputation and become a high-level employer brand in millennials. This will allow us to attract young, qualified talent willing to take on the challenges they are given.

Mobile recruiting software brings several advantages, both for the company and the candidate. These are some of the reasons to implement it in your organization:

Integration with Social Networks:

Mobile recruitment platforms and applications are easily integrated with social networks, the most potent and far-reaching communication vehicle today, so it is essential to add social networks to the human resource processes. The publication of job offers in networks makes it possible to significantly increase their scope, promote vacancies among the public, and link people to resolve doubts and concerns about the proposals.

Greater scope and effectiveness:

Mobile recruitment significantly increases the scope and effectiveness of the offers published by the company. Even though people are very busy in their daily lives, they spend a great deal of time connected to their mobile devices, ensuring that offers published by this mean reach even passive candidates who may become the company’s potential talent.

The possibility of applying from a mobile device simplifies the process. It maintains discretion since it prevents people from browsing job search pages while at work, which can cause problems with their bosses.

Constant monitoring:

Mobile recruiting software allows multiple filters to be configured with specific criteria for each vacant position. This makes it possible for recruiters to receive notifications every time someone applies for a job, to consult the candidate’s information and, in the case of a high degree of coincidence with the profile being sought, to contact and interact with that person in real-time to start the process and optimize response times.

It is clear that the way people and companies relate to each other is changing, and professionals and managers working in human resources management must also be updated. In today’s competitive and hyperconnected world, attracting and recruiting human talent has become a struggle that companies fight every day. Mobiles are the best alternative for recruiters and candidates to keep up to date with the latest developments and generate the links that allow any human talent department’s final objective: to have the right person in charge of the right job.