The Best Comparison Between Little Giant vs Revolution


This is equipment whose creation dates back to the dawn of time. Sliding, foldable, transformable, telescopic or even multifunctional, the ladder must be used without taking risks. It is simple, in two or three planes, in aluminum, composite, insulating or wooden, our advice for a safe choice.

Ladder: a means of access and features of choice

The ladder is above all a means of access; it is in no way to be considered as a work station. A simple ladder is made up of two rigid uprights with non-slip bars or rungs. Its height is variable depending on its use.

For a height greater than 6 m, there are ladders with two or three planes, arranged so that they can be slid to reach greater heights. Depending on the domestic or professional use of the ladder, the material of manufacture and the design differ. 

Qualitative characteristics and other criteria for choosing ladders

 Among the classic ladder models, with single or multiple planes, their quality and characteristics are determined by:

  • An extended, folded length and a maximum access height.
  • Sections of different amounts.
  • A determined number of steps separated by a step of about 28 cm.
  • A flared base, offset for better stability.
  • Stabilizers with non-slip feet.
  • Feet with non-slip, non-slip feet, articulated or not.
  • Locking in position by automatic rocker for ladders with several planes.
  • Integrated slide profiles with guides for easy sliding.
  • Support for sliding planes with double-arm steel parachute.
  • A large diameter cast aluminum pulley support.
  • Polyamide guides incorporated in the slides to prevent seizing.
  • Deployment rollers with non-marking bandage.
  • An anti-UV treated rope.
  • A platform with automatic positioning surrounded by a railing.
  • Non-slip pads on the facade.
  • Protection of the fiberglass uprights to protect against electrical risks.
  • Wide hooves for better grip.
  • A variable duration guarantee and the pads sold separately in the event of wear.
  • A weight relative to the length and cross-section of the components.

The Essential Comparisons

When it comes to a comparison to be done in between two of the best ladders, little giant velocity vs revolution then it is really hard to rule out one. This is why it is better to give a brief of both the ladders and leave it to the readers which one they will prefer according to their requirement.

Little Giant velocity ladders happen to be made with the material called the aerospace aluminum. here, the Little Giant Revolution ladders are the products of military aluminum. Both types of aluminum are extremely strong making the ladders suitable for long term use. At the same time, the ladders stay lightweight.

Height differences

Both the ladders come in different heights. The Little Giant Velocity ladder is available in 13, 17, 22 and 26 feet. In case of the Little Giant Revolution ladders, they are are made in 17, 22, 26 feet. This is why their usages vary.

Differences in the Locking System

Rapid locking system is used in case of the first one and for Revolution, it is the rock lock that is installed.


The Little Giant Velocity is used for a wide number of works. On the other hand, the Revolution is mainly used for the household works. They have A structures and they are both adjustable and the options are perfect. These are the things that you need to have for the proper ladder usage.