The Beautiful Cuts of Diamond Rings


Diamond rings are the classic symbol of enduring love and commitment. These stones are a ten out of ten on the hardness scale and easily last a lifetime. No wonder they are the most popular choice for engagement rings among Ogden ring-shoppers. However, purchasing a diamond ring doesn’t mean following the crowd. There are many ways to make your ring unique, with perhaps the most important one being: the cut. Diamonds can be cut into a plethora of shapes that create a unique sparkle in the light. Here are the different cuts to choose from on your search for the perfect diamond ring.


A round cut diamond gives rings a classic look and a maximum sparkle in the light. Approximately 75% of Ogden ring shoppers, and couples everywhere, choose this cut for its timeless appearance.


The princess cut is a bit fancier than a round cut and was first introduced in 1980. It has a four-sided pyramid shape. On rings, it takes on the appearance of a square.


The oval cut creates a sparkle that can only be matched by round diamonds. Because of their elongated shape, they often look larger than they actually are.


Heart-shaped diamonds are very unique, which makes them the perfect symbol of love. However, this shape can be difficult to recognize in very small diamonds, so if you select this cut, it is recommended to choose a size larger than half a carat.


The marquise cut creates a football shape with two sharp points at either end. It has a large surface area, making it a great choice for those looking for rings that maximize the appearance of size of their stone.


The pear cut is a beautiful shape that combines the shapes of the round cut and marquise cut. One end is perfectly round while the other is sharpened to a point.


The cushion cut gives your diamond the appearance of a square shape with rounded edges. It gives a very refined impression and has been around for over two hundred years.


An emerald-cut stone is rectangular in shape. This cut differs from the others discussed so far in an important way. The step cuts along the edges give it a mirror-like effect rather than a true sparkle in the light. When you visit an Ogden ring shop, be sure to look at this cut next the other cuts to see the difference.

Rings should reflect the personality of their wearers, so choosing the right cut is very important. If you need help visualizing these cuts, be sure to visit a local, Ogden jewelry store where you can look at individual rings and choose the style that is right for you or your loved one.

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