Style Guide to Wear Pearl Chandelier or Drop Earrings

Plenty of celebrities walking on the red carpet are seen wearing pearl dangles, pearl danglers, and pearl chandeliers to style their attires and accentuate their facial features. Pearl drop earrings can glamorously be integrated with business or casual attire. A statement piece like danglers accompanied with gemstones or metals can look highlight the outfit elegantly and even the occasion.

Tips and tricks to choose pearl drop or danglers

A few aspects you need to consider while wearing long pearl earrings to avoid styling errors.

Skin tone

Pearls offer your skin shine. Pearl studs have the potential to accentuate your facial features. Pale skin with cool undertone looks good with pink pearls. Tanned and olive skin with warm undertones can choose lavender and black pearl danglers to stand out in the crowd. White pearls are globally preferred because it blends easily with every complexion. 

Your physical size

  • Petite size women can choose simple and small jewelry pieces. Choose a pair of freshwater pearl drop earrings with 6 to 7 mm size. Match these with a delicate pearl ring or bracelet for symmetry and harmony.
  • A well-built and tall woman will get lost in small and tiny jewelry pieces. They will need to choose bolder accessories. Large South Sea or Black pearl danglers will naturally add to their glam and glitz at an event. Pearls can be combined with diamonds but avoid wearing a massive choker with pearl chandeliers. Massive accessories are inclined to clash. 

When and how to wear pearl danglers?

A few intrinsic and extrinsic variables need to be considered in the choosing process.

Intrinsic variables

In intrinsic variables pearls type, color, metal, size, and settings need to be understood.

For glam effect

  1. Basic pearl dangles are great for business, casual or formal occasions. 
  2. Semi-formal pearl danglers are longer than basic pearl dangle. They are available in varieties of colors and shapes as well as feature gemstone, which can look great with an evening gown or a business suit.
  3. Formal pearl chandeliers are wow pieces. These are heavy, long, and massive. It is great for a red carpet or high-end events. Chandeliers can feature settings of diamonds and zirconia in an elaborate design.

 Metal and gemstones

  1. White gold, platinum, and silver 
  2. Yellow gold
  3. Colored gemstones, diamonds, and zirconia 

Extrinsic variables

In extrinsic variables consider your outfit and hairstyle.