Corporate Suits: The Basics of a Good Impression

Times change and fashion is both a sign, as well as a harbinger of changing times. However, there are some things that don’t change, not even in the everchanging world of fashion. For women, the little black dress is just as elegant and alluring in 2022 as it was in 1932. For men, the suit never lost its ability to charm, impress, or even intimidate, ever since the early 1900s.

Other than that, the suit is also a highly versatile choice for almost all formal and semiformal occasions. Barring special events with custom dress codes, a man can never feel out of place in a formal/semiformal event, while dressed in a well-tailored suit. However, there are some rules to wearing the suit that all men should learn about, especially those working in corporate environments.

Tailormade Suits are the Only Suits

If a suit was not custom made for the person wearing it, it’s not a suit worth wearing. There may be a few very rare occasions where a readymade suit will fit well, but even they must be adjusted by an experienced tailor to fit the owner better. It is better to go with just the formal shirt and tie, rather than wearing an ill-fitting, readymade suit jacket.

Three-Piece Suits are Ideal for Business Settings

A suit is, by default, a complete dress, barring accessories (shoes, belt, tie, etc.). At the very least, it should come as a two-piece, consisting of a jacket and a pair of trousers. However, a three-piece suit is the most ideal option for corporate ware, which adds a waistcoat or vest to the attire. If the weather condition does not allow it, we can skip the waistcoat on some days, but all three pieces should be tailormade together with every suit that ordered.

Choose the Right Accessories and Don’t Clash Leathers

There are three main accessories that must accompany a suit. These would be:

  1. A dress watch
  2. A belt
  3. A pair of oxfords/brogues

The rule is to ensure that your shoes, belt, and watch strap are within the same colour range. The three can differ in texture, pattern, design, and shade, as long as they are all within approximately the same hue. You will find a wide range of formal options in men’s shoes, belts, dress watches, dress shirts, and more at

Clashing leathers is a phrase that’s used to designate a wardrobe mistake where the person is wearing these three main accessories in different colours. For example, wearing black shoes with a brown belt and a brown leather-strapped watch is the most common mistake. Clashing leather can be a fashion trend outside the formal setting for some, but that would be a poor choice when you are trying to impress and/or inspire in a corporate work setting.

Adhering to the few subtle, but all-important rules mentioned here is more important than the new corporate employee may realize. There is a notion that tough men don’t pay much attention to their appearance, but it’s a notion without basis and borne of laziness. The military believes it’s important to always be presentable when possible, and to dress impeccably in public. Therefore, the association between dressing well and power should be as obvious as it can get.

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