Street Art Tour: The Best Way to Learn More about Paris

If you want to tour and enjoy Paris in style, one of the best options is street art. The amazing works of art will help you to learn about the culture and history of Parisians in a unique way. Here are some highlights of the guided street art tour.

Explore Street Art in Montmartre

Montmartre became one of the top attractions in Paris starting from the 20th century because of its beautiful church on top of the hill. Today, it has also become one of the popular places because of the impressive works of art. Here, the artwork articulately captures the Bohemian art of the 19th and 20th centuries. You will also learn about the history of Paris and the struggles that people went through over the years to build the city. Some of the top artists include Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, and Vincent vanGogh.

Travel Back in Time with Street Art in the 19th District

The 19th Street is a unique attraction in Paris because of its impressive works of art. Our Paris guided tours with a member of the Cultures Pas Sages, one of the most active organizations in the neighborhood, will interpret most of the artwork for you. You will also learn about the organization founder, dAcRUz, who lived in the neighborhood. Since 2013, the organization has held an annual street art festival known as Ourcq Living Colors. This will be your moment to learn more about the city, funny stories, and discover individual artists.

Discover More with Street Art in Marais

Today, Marais is known for its amazing shops and falafels. But tucked off the main streets, Marais has also cut a name for being the French capital’s gay district. All of this is expressed in the street works of Marais district. This guided street art tour will come in handy to get answers to questions you might have about gays in Paris. What struggles did the gays go through fighting for their space? There will be so much to learn in Marais.

To enjoy these street art tours, learn about the history of Parisians and many others; make sure to book space on our website.