Perfect Choices for the Perfect betting Processes

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If you have to play around twenty times the amount, this may seem like a lot, but in reality this is not so bad.  You do not have to deposit or lose that much money. It is about the total bet amount, which is therefore also possible with the same money.  If you make a profit, it goes even faster. This option wiothj the 먹튀 sites all counts in your free amount.  You can use this again and the amount that you have left can be used and used again.

  • To summarize it is simply that you can play a lot of bets with a few tens.  The chance of winning of the games is high enough to make this easy. So you do not need a thousand euros to clear a tenner.  Soon the bonus credit will be all yours. In the casinos it is often easy to see how far you are in unlocking.
  • Roulette, poker and Blackjack are often excluded from the possibility to clear welcome bonuses.  Casinos often do not include table games. This is because the chance of winning is very big with these games, the bonus they give away is relatively too expensive.  It is therefore often the slots in the form of free spins what the welcome gift is. Usually they are new slots or popular slots such as the Starbust slot.

How much extra free play credit do I get at casinos?

 Most first deposit bonuses are based on 100% of your bet.  For example, you deposit 100 euros and then you receive 100%.  You then have a total of 200 euros in play money, 100 of which are free of play credit.

What can I use my money for?

 You can usually only use your play money for the slots.  Always check carefully what the casino promotion is valid for.

Can I have my free casino money paid out?

 Yes, that’s possible.  Usually you must have played 25x or 40x your bet before you can cash out your free casino money.  The wagering is different at every casino.

Do I have to download software to play on casino games?

The selection of the casinos above does not require software downloads.  Only 888 casino has the option to download software but that is not mandatory.  You can also play it without a download. Do you need more questions or tips to make a choice?  Then read our white paper for more advice and information.

Can I also refuse a promotion?

There is a good reason to refuse a promotion.  This does not only apply to a welcome bonus but to all promotions that you get from an online casino.  The casino determines how and what you have to do to earn that bonus. If you do not feel like it, you can always refuse it.