Still worried about not knowing how to buy a bathroom, looking down, I learned that it is all my own

Sanitary articles are necessary in every home,Sanitary articles must be purchased with good quality,If there is water leakage due to quality problems, it will definitely lose a lot. Bathrooms are all small items, but their functions are very powerful, which will meet people’s daily needs. So, how to buy bathroom? What should we pay attention to when purchasing bathroom? The following small series will give you a specific talk, let’s take a look!


First, how to buy bathroom?

1,Toilet purchase

When choosing a toilet, you can feel the smoothness of the glaze and blank on the product surface by hand, see if there are holes on the surface under the light, whether it is smooth and warm, or tap the crisp degree of the sound gently,The louder the sound, the better the quality.

2, shower purchase

Test the water pressure to ensure an enjoyable shower effect, which mainly depends on the amount of water sprayed. Secondly, if we look at the shower plating, the quality of the plating will directly affect its service life and hygiene,To detect the quality of the plating, we can look at it at 150℃,If there are no bubbles, wrinkles and peeling, it is generally a good quality plating.

3,Bathroom cabinet purchase

Selection of bathroom cabinets is mainly about anti-pollution ability and glaze process, followed by whether the style is unified with the whole, whether the use of cabinet door switch and drawer damping is smooth, and how the storage function is.


According to its manufacturing data, bathtubs are divided into general steel bathtub, acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub and 3.5mm thick steel bathtub. Generally speaking, the general steel bathtub is easy to clean and has a single appearance; Acrylic bathtub is rich in appearance, but its life is short and it is not easy to clean after aging; Cast iron bathtub has long service life, high level, high price, and it takes a lot of trouble to transfer and install.

5, faucet purchase

Faucets are generally made of brass,First of all, it depends on whether the surface has oxidation spots and whether it is smooth,Secondly, it depends on water flow, bubble content and water flow softness.

6,Ceramic basin for basin

Ceramic pots are fired at high temperature, which can resist rapid cooling and heating, and are not easy to break,When selecting, they should be selected according to the size of toilet, and then consider the matching effect with other sanitary ware.

Second, what are the precautions for choosing bathroom products

1,The style and color of bathroom products should match each other

We know that there are more than one sanitary ware in the bathroom, such as a toilet, a washbasin, a mop pool, etc., so the selection should be matched and coordinated with each other, so that the whole is beautiful.

2,Observe the appearance quality of sanitary ware

We must carefully observe whether the sanitary ware is cracked, and tap it lightly with a thin stick,The clearer the sound, the better the quality,Otherwise, the effect is not good and there are cracks. To see if the product is deformed or even, the product can be placed on a platform for testing and observation. Glaze quality is very important for sanitary ware products, which affects the comfort and service life of products, so products with fine and smooth glaze and uniform glaze color must be selected.


As we all know, material is an important basis for determining the service life of bathroom products. Under normal circumstances, good bathroom products use excellent materials, so its functions and appearance will be better than ordinary ones.


Because of the emergence of bad businesses, there are many sanitary ware brands on the market, but many brands are full of varieties. Therefore, the owners should be meticulous when purchasing sanitary ware, and then choose the right brand according to their economic ability!

Sanitary ware must be produced by regular manufacturers, so that the quality can be guaranteed,If no one leaks water at home, it will definitely suffer heavy losses. More notably, the small parts of bathroom should not be ignored. Ok, the above is an introduction to how to buy bathroom. What should we pay attention to when purchasing bathroom? I hope I can help you!