Housefly Infestation Signs You Should Be Aware of

It must be known to you that houseflies are common in any household just as the name suggests. However, it is not harmless as it may sound. It’s obviously a source of nuisance when it infests your home or business. More than that, it is dangerous for humans as it serves as a medium of contamination of various diseases like typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera and tuberculosis. Houseflies can carry more than 100 types of pathogens and transmit it to you through food and water sources, and when they land on surfaces that you touch.

Methods to Control Infestation

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When your house or business area is already infested with flies, you should immediately look for fly control services that many expert service companies provide. At first, they determine the exact species that needs elimination and identify the potential breading grounds of these flies. You should choose a service that is safe and has lasting effect. Once you are done with the solution for present infestation, you should look out for preventive solution that would also be cost-effective.

One of the best methods is to buy fly screens for windows and doors. It is not possible to always keep the doors and windows shut for the fear of houseflies. Moreover, you need to let in fresh air and sunlight into the rooms. With the help of efficient companies like Premier Screens which is based in UK, it is possible to get high-quality, custom-made insect screens for your home and business purpose. Their screens are made up of aluminium and have finishing of polyester coating. Hence, they are quite durable and a good investment of your money.

Make sure you pick up the early signs of infestation, so that you don’t have to spend much on the fly control service. Also ask them to give a visit to your business establishment to survey the extent of infestation or potential environment.

Signs That Warn You of Infestation

You should be alert of these signs and facts to prevent further Infestation –

  • The usual sight of houseflies flying around and creating nuisance is the most visible sign that warns you of the problem. They generally hover around foods or waste bins.
  • Small spots in light areas may form.
  • You must be especially aware of maggots – the larvae of the flies. Flies try to find suitable breading material for laying eggs. If you find maggots at some corner of your house you should understand that the breeding site nearby.
  • Houseflies select thin materials to take rest. Corners or edges of floor, walls or ceiling are the places where you would find them staying. At night they prefer to stay close to the source of food.
  • Though housefly has a life span of maximum one month in average, their reproduction is fast. They can lay eggs on any warm and moist substance that can provide the larvae with food. The number of eggs they lay can be five to six batches of up to 100 eggs. These eggs can hatch within 12 to 24 hours in warm weather.