It is said that these are the top 10 home decoration skills that smart people know!

Home decoration is very important, when people are decorating, different people will choose different decoration methods. But it is hard to say whether the decoration is good or not. Therefore, if we decorate, we must master the basic knowledge of decoration skills. If we don’t know clearly, don’t act recklessly. It is said that these are the top 10 home decoration skills that smart people know! How many do you know?

Must-know tips for home decoration

  1. There is no more water in the kitchen than in the bathroom, so waterproof is very important. It is mainly because of the position of the washing basin and the inclination angle of the ground. The floor part of the cabinet must be made into a brick table with a height of 10 cm, so that waterproof is the most effective!
  2. The faucet in the vegetable washing area must be turned on and off with the back of the hand. Otherwise, it will be dirty if there is oil on the hand.
  3. Before installing the kitchen cabinet, make sure that the waterway in the kitchen is unblocked. If there is a problem with the waterway after installation, it is too much trouble to rework it!
  4. The bathroom is a place where danger often occurs, so it is best to have switches for the electrical appliances in the bathroom, especially the electric water heater. If the plug is directly disconnected, the risk factor will be greatly increased!
  5. After the floor tiles of the bathroom are pasted, you must try to use the water. If the running water is slow, you should rework it immediately. Don’t be soft-hearted, or you will wait to sweep the accumulated water every day!
  6. The balcony must be paved with ceramic tiles, the corner of the viewing balcony should be paved. And the life balcony should be paved to the same height as the railing! If all these are ignored, you can only prepare a bucket of exterior paint at any time and brush it yourself after a while!
  7. Never use black cement for jointing ceramic tiles. After a while, it will look dirty. A black seam is as ugly as it is!
  8. If the color of the floor tile is difficult to find satisfactory. It is suggested to use a wooden floor, and then put a few pots of flowers and plants on it, and the effect is great!
  9. When wiring, try to think about the air conditioning position and move the power supply as close to the air conditioner as possible, so as not to see a power cord when installing the air conditioner, which is ugly as hell!
  10. You’d better keep a copy of the size when you customize the curtains, and check it carefully with the boss after you finish it. If he cuts corners, you can be confident!

How to decorate the interior?

  1. During interior decoration, the most taboo is the replacement of decoration workers. It will affect the construction period, construction skills, and so on. Therefore, it is better for us to choose a decoration company which has a group of workers with its own long-term cooperation.
  2. Acceptance of concealed works. Concealed works are often the top priority in interior decoration. Because of its concealment, improper installation will affect the later normal life. So it is very important to accept concealed works.
  3. Long-term planning of storage space. In the process of decoration, we may neglect to reserve space for storing items in our daily life. But it is very important. So we should fully consider the storage function in the interior decoration.
  4. Wood selection is unified. When selecting wood and furniture for home decoration, different kinds of wood are often selected because of the good-looking style. When it is finally put indoors, it will be chaotic. It is best to select wood furniture with single color and single variety.
  5. Check the drainage in the bathroom. The most important thing in the bathroom is to use water for drainage. Therefore, during interior decoration, it is necessary to check the drainage system to avoid water leakage.
  6. Pay the final payment after completion and acceptance. Under normal circumstances, the decoration payment is made to the decoration company several times, so each step can be paid after the acceptance is satisfactory.

After reading the author’s introduction to the knowledge of the top 10 home decoration skills that smart people all know, have you benefited a lot? In fact, when it comes to decoration, we need to master quite a lot of knowledge. We should know that good decoration requires skill. If we can master these skills and finally decorate the house very beautifully and practically, we will be very satisfied.