Souvenir Ideas: What To Bring From The Emerald Isle

Ireland is a well-known and beloved country by tourists from all over the world and it seems like there’s no better season to visit this rainy, mysterious place than during these autumn months. Apart from enjoying a glass of Guinness and visiting the Cliffs of Moher, you’re probably thinking about what souvenirs to bring back home both for yourself and your family or friends. We’re here today to give you a few ideas of memorabilia for all kinds of budgets that will remind you of your great time in this country.


To start off with something very affordable and perfect for those who only travel with a backpack or a carry-on luggage, Ireland is famous for its delicious chocolate made with local milk that gives it a rich and creamy flavor. Butlers chocolate bars, Wilde, and Skelligs are some of the brands that you should keep your eyes on. Cadbury is another brand that you should try and bring home, because although it is not an Irish brand, it definitely tastes way different here than any other place in the world.


One probably wouldn’t think of tea when thinking of gifts from Ireland, but the true fans of this beverage are aware of the fact that Ireland is actually the second largest consumer of tea in the world with around 4.83 lb per capita, according to Wikipedia. This naturally makes Irish tea one of the most popular and inexpensive souvenirs. Get a popular brand such as Barry’s or Lyon’s and have it like the locals do, with milk.

Aran sweaters

Aran sweaters, just like Irish and Celtic clothing, are one of the most popular pieces of memorabilia that people who have a bit more money to spend on gifts decide to bring for their loved ones. Apart from being extremely comfortable, these gifts are also practical and will forever remind you of your trip. Depending on what garments you choose, the beautiful ornaments of the Celtic apparel you cand find online will serve you a promise of good luck and wealth, as well as eternal love, which will make it the best present for your spouse.

Knit blankets

If you have some extra place in your luggage and would like to fill it with a truly practical souvenir, an Irish knit blanket will be your best choice. The Irish are well-known for their beautiful knit pieces, the wool from their sheep farms also being one of the best in the world, and in combination with the Celtic motifs it creates cozy blankets that you can hide under on a stormy night. Plus, they also serve as great home decorations that will make your living-room or bedroom more aesthetic and welcoming.

Guinness souvenirs

To speak of Irish souvenirs and to not mention Guinness memorabilia would be a crime, so it should obviously be on our list. Thankfully, there are plenty of stores that sell souvenirs like beer glasses, bottle openers, t-shirts, hoodies, and many other things associated with the famous stout. If you can, get a few bottles of this beverage as well; it will surely be nice to share details about your trip with your friends and family while enjoying a Guinness.

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