Galveston, a coastal city situated in the Island of Galveston in the state of Texas, is known for its rich architecture, historical sites and of course, the sunny beach. The city experiences a humid subtropical climate, with prevailing south and southeast winds bringing the heat and moisture from Gulf of Mexico and Mexico deserts. The city is the home of an ensemble of professional and amateur musicians that was formed in 1970, called as the ‘Galveston Symphony Orchestra’. Galveston features one of the historically and largest collections of building constructed during the 19th century, which are also one of the focal attractions in the area. The city efforts to preserve these historical buildings along with their revitalization projects have earned them the national recognition. With the city’s imposing historical architectures and rich cultural heritage, anyone would surely enjoy a memorable historical trip to Galveston.

Saving tips: Experience the best of Galveston without spending top dollar by booking in a budget hotel, having a flexible schedule, traveling to the city on a weekday or during the off-peak season and enjoying free beach fun as well as cheap attractions.

How to Save on Your Galveston Accommodation

Finding affordable Galveston hotels will never be a problem because the area is surrounded by budget hotels, cheap motels and value inns. If you want to reduce the cost of your stay at Galveston, it would be a good idea to travel on a weekday or during the off-peak season. Hotel accommodations as well as airline tickets are usually at its lowest during this time. Remember that room rates are largely dependent on the law of supply and demand. So, if the demand for hotels is high so are the room rates. Meanwhile, when hotel occupancy is low, room charges will drop as well to attract more clients. 

Another good tip to save on accommodation is to find hotels that are situated away from the city or the beachfront. Sacrificing a little convenience can save you a great deal while still being able to enjoy a comfortable accommodation. 

If you wish to experience staying at one of the top hotels in the city, like the San Luis Resort & Beachfront Hotel or Hotel Galvez & Spa by Wyndham, it is highly recommended that you watch out for special promos that will allow you to stay at one of their guestrooms at a discounted rate.

Meanwhile, frugal travelers should consider staying at La Quintana Inn Galveston East Beach, Beachcomber Inn, Super 8 Galveston or at the Travelodge Galveston.

Cheap and Free Things to do in Galveston

One of the free things to do in this coastal city is spending a fine day in the Galveston beach.  Indulge in long walks along the shore and take delight in the spectacle of the beach. Kids can enjoy building sandcastles and collecting pretty seashells along the beach. 

If you want a less crowded beach, go a little further down south of the Galveston beach. The East Beach at Galveston is dubbed as the coolest and biggest beach in Texas.  It is the perfect venue to hold hot beach parties, outdoor concerts, product promotions, bikini contests and live bands. The East Beach has earned the reputation for being a hip beach.  Guests only need to pay around 7 dollars for the entrance.  

For the ultimate family gathering, the Stewart Beach is the place to be. It is dubbed as the premiere family beach park in the area. The beach often sponsors family friendly activities throughout the summer season. Members of the family can engage in some volleyball tournament or a sandcastle building competition.  Admission is at 8 dollars per vehicle. The beach is also equipped with a children’s playground. 

Guests who like sight-seeing and communing with nature should drop by the Galveston Island State Park, which offers a variety of water and land activities. While in the park, do not pass up the opportunity to experience the Texan style of camping.  This pet-friendly state park, which charges a nominal entrance fee per person, allows guests to bring in their furry friends with no additional charge.

Travelers with a sweet tooth will enjoy a free trip to the La Kings Confectionary, Taffy and fudge making.  Witness how to make those saltwater taffy and delectable chocolate fudge. The show is enough to leave you craving for more yummy treats.  

Chess lovers, meanwhile, will surely burn a muscle while playing at The Strand.  Guests can participate in a giant game of chess in the Saengerfest Park, which is also situated in a historic area where exciting shops and boutiques abound. You can take a pleasant walk along the interesting sidewalks of the park and marvel at the historical buildings and monuments surrounding it.  If you are visiting Galveston, this is one of the must-see places.  

Those looking for an adventurous biking experience should take their bike gear to the longest continuous sidewalk in America, the Seawall.  At 10.3 miles long, Seawall offers a unique biking, and even an exciting walking activity. Bikers can enjoy the scenic view of the island while strolling along the Seawall.