The red colour liquid which is taken out of grapes is a magical one and which lets us drool over its creamy thought. In a country like India, Red wine as a drink has started picking up pace and become too famous among all the people of India.

Here is a list of top 5 red wine brands in India:

  1. Sula Rasa: Whenever we talk about red wine, the first name which comes in our mind is Sula. Sula Rasa is considered as a complex wine which comes along with power fitness. It is known as India’s one of the best reserve Shiraz. The way it is made and stored is quite unique. This wine is stored for a year in the French premium oak barrels. Once the storing period is over, then the wine is further matured in the bottle before it is actually released out.The best way to pair Sula wine is with cholates, Gouda Parmesan cheese or barbeque. The Sula Rasa wine is manufactured in Nasik, which is the wine hub of the country.

    Price: The approximate price range of Sula Rasa is something between 1400 – 1500 INR.

  2. Myra Misfit: Myra brand is comparatively a newer brand of wine what was recently launched in 2013. The brand was launched by Mr. Ajay Shetty along with Myra Vineyards which is located in Bengaluru. Myra was launched across the nation with a profile which was segmented in three distinct categories which are:A: Entry Level
    B: Premium
    C: Super Premium

    Myra in 2016 launched a red blend which was known as ‘Misfit- A Limited Edition Bottle’. The Myra Misfit is s blend of mainly two things which are fruity Shiraz found in the French oak barrels and Classic Sauvignon. The wine is also known to retain some of the natural characteristic’s as it is totally unfiltered. This wine has a very strong aroma with a berry whiff. The taste of the wine is fruity and spicy and the finishing is very sweet. Myra Misfit is also considered as India’s very first unfiltered wine.

    Price: The approximate price range of Sula Rasa is something between 1500 – 1600 INR.

  3. Fratelli Sette: The brand Frantiis Vines manufactures and sells Red Fratelli Sette wines. This wine is popularly famous for its tasty flavours and fresh aromas. When talking about popularity, this is one of the most known brands in the county. Sette in Italian means ‘Seven’ is actually a dream which has come true of the seven brothers of Fratelli. The actual dream was fulfilled when the 2009 vintage gave out great quality.Sette is basically an aged red wine which is matured out in the French oak for a total of fourteen months. There are also high chances that Sette might just become the very first Indian icon wine.

    Price: The approximate price range of Sula Rasa is something between 1600 – 1800 INR.

  4. Grover Zampala Reserve: This wine is a simple form of well balanced and medium level boiled wine which comes up with complex layers. The composition of the wine is as follows:A: Carbs: 80%
    B: Shiraz: 20% (Age 16 months in the new French Oak)

    The red segment in this wine is known to deliver a very smoky aroma with fine notes of bacons to its darkest plum and some roasted flavours of cherry. The wine has a very soft kind of finish which features the peppery notes in it. The La Reserve is known to have a bouquet of ripe fruits which are very luscious in nature and come with a little bit of spice coupled with complexity. The aroma is of blueberries, vanilla and black currant which gives an overall grace.

    Price: The approximate price range of Sula Rasa is something between 2000 – 2200 INR

  5. York Arros: This is considered to be the flagship wine which belongs to York Winery, in Nashik the wine of the country. This wine is produced by a team of wine making which used a limited set of production blend of wines to make it. Here is the composition:A: Shiraz: 55%
    B: Cabernet Sauvignon: 45%

    The wine is first aged for a total of 13 months in French oak. The next 12 months it is ages in the bottle before the actual release.

    Price: The approximate price range of Sula Rasa is something between 1200 – 1500 INR