You’re really blessed if you happen to find a good lawyer who can take up your real estate assignments with care and dignity. Due to the high market value of real estate in Marbella, one has to be cautious. I was initially averse of placing this huge responsibility on any one. I personally have issues, may be trust issues and trusting someone with counsel regarding real estate was an ordeal for me but luck knocked my door at the right time. I happen to reach Pablo Abad Anderson with the help of a dear friend, who couldn’t help extolling his counsel, his professionalism and the general concern he holds for his clients. I happen to stay active in the real estate business being a native from Marbella and being lucky enough to own property at several places, Real estate for me has been a subtle form of side business.

It was impossible for me to sail through the choppy waters if not for Pablo, A Client- Lawyer relationship that is the basis of my business. If I take a look at the graph of my business, my sales and profit are blossoming. Before that there had been ups and lows but now, my trajectory is going unbelievably upwards. What I call sheer luck, the lucky charm for me in this business that is often marred with hardships and nosedives has been my esteemed lawyer, my constant counsel for more than 3 years now. I can say it with unwavering conviction that you cannot fins a better person than Anderson in Marbella.

One thing is for sure that real estate is not the place where you can go unguided and happen to sail through. Moreover, this is the place where you cannot risk anything, it is obvious it is not buying anything else. It is more of a legacy, people put all of their hard-earned wealth. This asset making cannot be done without the help of an astute counsel. Pablo is your lawyer in making this risky business a profitable venture.