While some women may think a watch is not an accessory worth having, they are wrong. There are many benefits to wearing watches whether it’s a cheap watch from Forever 21 or a more expensive Shinola watch from your local jeweler.

The benefits of wearing a ladies watch


You may not have thought as a watch as being something that’s convenient but there’s literally nothing easier than turning your wrist around, looking down, and seeing what time it is.

It sure beats getting caught by your employer pulling out your cell phone or having to dig in your purse to find out what time it is.


Something a bit more obvious is the style benefits women receive when they wear a watch. Depending on your lifestyle, you may not be someone who likes to wear a lot of jewelry but even the simplest watch can dress up an outfit and help you express your personal style.

Watches are great for a night out with the girls, going to a restaurant, everyday casual wear, or in addition to dress attire.


In today’s times, it’s almost impossible to not find someone with a phone. Yet, phones can cause a lot of social disconnects which is never a good idea for our mental or physical well-being.

When you vow to wear a watch for a day, you have an added excuse to tuck your phone in your purse or a drawer and use your watch as your time telling accessory. And, let’s face it, when you pull your phone out to tell the time – you see notifications or get distracted and end up wasting time.


Another benefit you may not have thought about is the type of watch you wear can help you multi-task throughout the day.

For instance, if you wear a fit bit or have an Apple watch, you have quick access to see how your heart rate is doing, how many steps you’ve taken, or what messages have come in for the day.

You can also set a smartwatch to give you timely notifications throughout the day, so you know when to switch tasks or appear for your next appointment.