Reasons for Using Shrink Wrappers

Shrinkwrap refers to a plastic film that can be used to wrap and pack objects. It is made of Polyvinyl Chloride, polyolefin or polythene shrink film. Polyvinyl chloride has been in use in the past especially for productions that are concerned about the cost, however, it has been replaced by polyolefin wrap plastics especially in the retail packaging since they are more stable and offer better seals. While polyethylene shrink wrap is mostly used in larger production industries other companies.

Many companies use shrink wrapping since it is cost effective and easy once trained, it requires a shrink wrap film and a source of heat, which can be either a heat gun or using a shrink wrapper where goods are conveyed using an L sealer machine.

Some Benefits Include:

Excellent protection.

Depending on the size, any product can be sealed using shrink wrapping and it offers protection from several things such as dust, moisture and tampering from anyone. Heating makes the film shrink tightly holding the goods in place.

Cost friendly.

Shrink wrappers are easily accessible and convenient since one only needs a wrapping film and a source of heat. They can be used easily in different circumstances and in many products. They do not take up much space during packaging as they are light and therefore more products can be stored or packed in one place.


When heated, the plastic wrap forms a hard material that covers the products. This makes it hard to break and can be easily noticed when tampered with. It does not lose its strength when in direct contact with water or even the sunlight, making it a preferred method for packing products that need to be transported for long distances.


Its use by both the pharmaceutical companies and the food and beverage companies as increased tremendously. It keeps products in place and increases the shelf life by keeping away moisture and other contaminants which would spoil them and cause harm when consumed.

Marketing tool.

Every day new companies are coming up and each is developing different methods to help attract as many customers as possible. This makes the market so competitive since at the end of the day everyone wants to make as many sales as possible and offer good services to their customers. When using the plastic films to wrap, it displays your company logo and makes the products presentable and they easily capture the eye of the customers.

With the following advantages, people are embracing shrink wrapping since they maintain the integrity of their products and also keep the environment safe as they are recycled.