Questions About Recycled Woollen Blankets Answered

On cold winter days or on the days when a person just wants to cosy up on their bed, there is nothing better than a wool blanket to give that feeling of comfort. It keeps a person toasty and warm from head to toe, and not to mention it gives a certain warm look to the bedroom interior. What can make this comforting moment even more perfect is the fact that one has contributed to reducing waste, recycling, and helping the environment. Recycled woollen blankets are the answer to this. Recently, many companies are moving towards manufacturing recycled blankets considering the huge number of good-quality fabrics going to waste and the technology available to recycle them for good use again.

But what are they made of? Are they sustainable? Do they help the environment? How are they made? Are they safe to use? All these questions are answered below.

What Are Recycled Woollen Blankets Made Of?

Most of the recycled woollen blankets are made of a combination of quality wool extracted from fabrics and repurposed materials from old clothes that would otherwise be dumped in the landfill. For example, it may be woven with 63% recycled wool, 20% repurposed towels and 17% recycled polyester. Although the percentages and the materials might differ, this combination is used to increase the integrity of the material and make different patterns and styles in them. Using these discarded fabrics help reduce textile waste, help sustain the planet, and improve the health of humans and animals.

Does the Quality of Wool Differ from Virgin Wool?

Virgin wool refers to the wool obtained directly from the sheep. They are water-repellent, durable, insulating, and resilient. Recycled woollen products are made from the products that were initially made of virgin wool. So, they do hold all the properties that pure wool has. A plus point is that most of the wool used need not be dyed or treated again to get the desired colour or feeling. The factories segregate fibres from textiles according to their quality, colour, and type of wool to ensure uniformity.

How are They Manufactured?

The companies that produce these blankets collect textiles from various sources including their own factories where they produce other blankets. They then assort the collected textiles based on their colour, type, quality, thread length etc. These are then cleaned accordingly and place in a shredding machine to be shredded into fibres of wool of the same size and shape. The recycled fires are spun into spools in the yarn and are weaved into blankets using industrial looming machines. These blankets are then dyed based on necessity after which, they are dried, labelled, stitched, and checked for quality before being shipped.

Can They Be Washed?

Yes. A recycled wool blanket can be washed or dry-cleaned. It is recommended to wash them gently by hand or in the machine using a warm tumble setting in 40 degrees. Mild detergents must be used to protect the colour and the fibres of the material. One can also use optical brightening agents, oxygen and colour-safe bleach to keep the blankets fresh and bright even after several uses.

Are They Safe to Use?

These blankets are made of a 100% safe material. The companies take immense precautions to ensure that. As mentioned before, all the textiles used to extract the fibres are cleaned and washed thoroughly before recycling.

A recycled woollen blanket is a sustainable option that ensures comfort, durability and breathability to the user while giving back something to nature.