Productivity Tips for Easily Distracted People

You could be the best at what you do and still suffer from a short attention span. Finding it hard to concentrate is not a rare problem, but that doesn’t mean it is any less frustrating, particularly if you would like to be much more productive and use your time wisely. If you have trouble focusing on your priorities and would like some tips on how to reduce distractions, continue reading.

Know Your Distractions

First of all, knowing what usually distracts you from what you want to be doing will help you greatly. Next time you are attempting to get into a state of flow and find yourself taking longer over a task than you should, take note of precisely what called your attention away from your task. It might take a few occasions to list the majority of the distractions, but once you have identified them, it will be much easier to avoid them.

Create a Concentration Zone

Wherever possible, take control of your space by transforming it into the ideal productivity zone. This may be at your place of work, your home, or a studio. Change whatever you can about the environment you work within and make it a place for uninterrupted focus. This could be as simple as taking the TV out of your home office or bringing some sound-cancelling headphones to work so you don’t get distracted by the noise of your surroundings. This also includes referring to your list of distractions and eliminating them from your space as best as you can.

Refocus Your Mind

Concentration requires a firm control over your own attention, which doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you struggle to make conscious decisions about where your attention is directed, it might cause you more stress than most other people. Getting help with your overall mental health could be a useful path towards developing increased concentration. Read more about possible solutions at

Set Aside Time for Distractions

Sometimes, distractions are unavoidable. If you have a pet, for example, you will need to take breaks in your productivity to make sure your pet is fed and exercised. You may have a social event at the weekend to plan, and your phone is bursting with notifications. Give yourself designated time to indulge your distractions so that they don’t leak into your work time. This also serves as a reward for being patient and waiting until the designated time before playing with your dog or checking your phone.

Practice Self-Discipline

One of the hardest parts about developing stronger focus and reducing susceptibility to distraction is self-discipline. Ignoring your impulses and pushing ahead with what might, in the moment, be boring or unpleasant will ultimately lead to a stronger will towards restraint and delayed gratification. Learning self-discipline isn’t fun, but the rewards are definitely worth the hard work.

If you have difficulty focusing on your priorities and following your goals, hopefully these quick tips have inspired you to start your journey to improved productivity.