Private Investigation for Murder Cases in New York City: A Guide

Private investigators (PI) are hired to perform surveillance, monitor an individual, interview witnesses, or find information. They offer various services like employee theft investigations, company fraud investigations, murder investigations, and matrimonial investigations, among others. Meanwhile, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic marked an increase in the crime rate and the number of dropped cases in New York City, resulting in a surge in demand for private investigators. Hence, to prevent becoming a victim of unsolved crimes or to get all the answers to murder cases in New York City, NY, you can opt for the services of a private investigation company. However, before hiring such services, there are certain things you must know:

Have in-Person Meetings

It is advised not to hire a PI without conducting in-person meetings. Such meetings help you decide if the PI is trustworthy and discreet about the murder cases in New York City, NY, you are concerned with. Also, it is best to choose an agency that has previously dealt with some of the most complex murder cases in New York City. An industry leader operating for a long time must be preferred over a franchise. You must also remember that if the agency and the PI do not respond to your questions appropriately and sound vague, you may keep looking for a better fit.

Client Care

The clearance rate of murder cases by the New York Police Department stood at almost 90 percent before the pandemic. However, with an increase in homicides and shootings, the records show a plunge in the rate by almost 30 percent. And the increase in unresolved cases has caused grievances to the victims’ families. Hence, client care and maintaining proper communication are of utmost importance. Also, the choice of a company needs a lot of deliberation to assess whether the organization handles the meetings and calls professionally and keeps the client in the loop.

Client Testimonials

Solving gory murder cases in New York City, NY, is no small feat and requires investigators to have both skill and expertise. Hence, you must ask the agency for testimonials of former clients and determine whether the clients have been satisfied with the provided services. It is crucial to develop a sense of trust so that you are at ease with sharing sensitive information. You also want to ensure that the service provider is devoted to looking after your best interests during the investigation process.

Check for License and Insurance

Before opting for the services of an agency, you must look into the professional license of the investigator to ensure its reliability. You also need to check if the PI has insurance, as the proof of insurance will protect you from liability if anything happens to the investigator during the investigation.

Watch Out for Cheap Pricing

While hiring a private investigation agency, do not go for the one offering the lowest prices. It is advisable to go for premium rates as it is indicative of the organization’s reputation. Budget agencies often struggle to acquire a business or fail to deliver excellent results. Hence, you do not want the risk of sub-standard services and hire the service with adequate skill and experience.

Professional private investigation companies usually assign jobs to highly trained and licensed private investigators to solve various kinds of legal issues. And the above-discussed factors are likely to guide you through the process of choosing appropriate services and getting desired results.