7 Tasks Immigration Lawyers Do


We are all aware of what a lawyer is, and most of us can differentiate between an attorney and an immigration lawyer. As soon as we come across the word lawyer, we start visualizing court proceedings, juries, etc.

While it is true that lawyers of all domains have to spend some specific amount of their hours inside the court, lawyers especially immigration lawyers have many more tasks at hand.

Check out the 7 tasks immigration lawyers are usually doing:

  1. Understanding the Client Queries

Each client belongs to a different geographical region and has a different situation in terms of financial security, the number of family members, and much more. The first step that immigration lawyers do with clients is LISTEN.

  1. Providing Relevant Counsel

After listening to the queries of the client, immigration lawyers research and come up with the best possible solutions suited for the concerned client. Again, since everyone has a different situation, an immigration lawyer cannot present the same solution to every client.

For example, if someone is planning to move to Boston, they will seek assistance from a Boston immigration lawyer rather than someone who belongs to California, considering the difference between state policies.

  1. Filing Petitions and Applications

It is common knowledge that plenty of paperwork is involved in legal procedures, especially those relating to immigration. Clients are not familiar with the knowledge of filling up this paperwork by themselves, let alone filing it. An immigration lawyer not only helps in filling up the paperwork, but in fact shares the burden by filing the petitions and applications.

  1. Assisting with Citizenship Tests

Depending on the country, the tests also differ. Immigration lawyers are aware of the kind of tests that will be necessary and the best ways to prepare for them.

  1. Directing the Client as Per the Situation

Situations can take a turn any time, for example, if the government and policies change after an election or whatsoever. Being apprised of the legal matters, the immigration lawyer will keep track of the situation and guide their client accordingly.

  1. Representing the Client in Court

The part that everybody knows of, representing in court. Clients are not skilled or experienced in matters of court, which is why it is best that their immigration lawyer does this part for them.

Standing in front of the judge and answering the question with confidence is not an easy task. Even the most confident people tend to hesitate in matters of court. This where having an immigration lawyer by your side proves most helpful.

  1. Helping the Client Start a Business

Again, the laws of every country and even state differ in all kinds of matters. If a client wishes to start a business in a new place they have immigrated to, they will have to consult with their lawyer regarding the official and legal procedures. This can readily help the client prevent any kind of possible future offense, fine or even arrest.