Camouflage Fabrics

Our company serves many brands in our country in the clothing sector.

We realize all our fabric options in line with the agreements we have made with Tepastex for a long time.

In addition to producing durable fabrics for outdoor use such as awnings and furniture, they also respond to fabric options such as camouflage fabrics or fleece fabrics, which are suitable for use in many different areas.

It offers solutions for different sectors with different features such as the weaving density of fabrics, dye retention quality, stain-proofing properties, lightweight portable structure, and options to prevent extraordinary situations such as fire by stopping the fire in some fabric options.

Camouflage fabrics used in military clothing are also used in clothing used in daily life, as well as in options such as shoes and bags.

The most important feature of this type of fabric is its long-term durability against weather conditions.

The fabrics have the feature of being used as the first day for many years from the moment they are produced.

Tepastex is one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of fabric production and sales.

From the production process to the logistics point, it offers solutions to its business partners with its specialized staff.

If you want to examine the models produced by the company and the projects in which it is involved, we recommend you visit the website.

Tepastex has been among the brands we have preferred for many years with its recognition in the market, brand awareness, quality production method, problem-free delivery processes, service understanding that can be reached at any time at the customer support point, quality, and friendly service styles of the working staff.