Almost everyone amongst us has been through a situation at least once where we have faced a calamity either natural or man-made. Mishaps and disasters involving fire are way more common than any other disaster. The primary reason being widespread urbanization and the construction of thousands of high-rise buildings and apartments. While many of the urban constructions comply with the fire safety requirements, many others have no or very little measures deployed. As a result, we see fire outbreaks now and then. Fire Extinguishers are the most commonly used fire safety equipment. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, a fire extinguisher is a must to protect you from any eventuality.

How does it start?

Let’s look at it a little closer to know how most of these fires start. With almost everything getting digitized and electrified, the risk of an outbreak of fires has increased manifolds. Causes of major fire outbreaks for both residential and commercial buildings are more or less the same. Let’s try and list a few main causes of fire

  1. Cooking and Kitchen Equipment

All kinds of cooking equipment in your homes and offices are vulnerable to a possible outbreak of fire. Cooking pans and pots left unattended have to lead to major fire accidents in the past.

  1. Heating and Electrical Equipment

Heating equipment is often a cause of fire in buildings. The heating equipment filaments can often lead to sparks which can light up electric circuits of homes and commercial buildings.

  1. Faulty Wiring in Circuits

Homes with faulty wiring can cause fires due to short-circuits. If you observe dimming or flickering lights or your circuits get tripped too often, you need to get your wiring inspected immediately to avoid any on-toward incident.

  1. Negligence from users and residents

At times ignoring some small things can lead to major mishaps. Something as small as burnt cigarette butts are enough to cause big fire outbreaks.

  1. Storage of Inflammable Material

Inflammable material such as kerosene, methylated spirits or even alcohol can cause fire outbreaks that can lead to major destruction.

How to Prevent Fire Outbreaks?

As per the Australian Safety Standards and guidelines, residential and commercial buildings must comply with fire safety and protection norms. All buildings must take adequate precautions and implement proper measures to ensure a foolproof fire protection mechanism. Deploying systems such as fire alarms, smoke sensors, and automatic water sprinklers are some of the methods adopted for fire protection. But the most important fire-fighting equipment is the Fire Extinguishers. Now get a wide range of fire extinguishers for sale from world-class distributors and manufacturers.

Fire Extinguisher Types and Standards

Fire extinguishers can be broadly classified as Water, Dry Powder, Wet Chemical, Foam, and CO2. These fire extinguishers are used to put out fires of different classes due to different fuels and sources. Make sure your fire extinguishers are serviced regularly as per Australian Standards; Level 1, Level 2, Level 5 Service Levels.

Consult a Fire Safety Equipment Provider today for checking out the fire extinguisher for your fire safety needs.