From Remnants of a Loved One to Relics – What Are Cremation Diamonds?

What Are Cremation Diamonds?

The carbon left in cremated remains, or the carbon found in someone’s hair is used to turn ashes into jewellery, which are genuine diamonds. In addition to memory diamonds and eternal diamonds, there are a few more names for cremation diamonds as well.

How Do You Make Diamonds From Ashes?

Cremation jewellery in Singapore can be used in a variety of ways to remember your deceased loved one. Here’s all you need to know about how to make your bespoke jewellery, as well as pet cremation jewellery, and how much it will cost.

An excellent person deserves fireworks, a million floating lanterns, and their name etched in the stars when their ashes are transformed into jewellery. Let’s honour that person! Chemistry is a big element of the process of turning ashes into diamonds.

After more than a decade of research, General Electric was able to effectively make diamonds in a lab for the first time in 1955. Our ability to produce cremation jewellery in Singapore would not have been possible without the findings of that study. Lab-created diamonds and cremation diamonds are indeed two distinct types of diamonds, but their manufacturing processes are also unique to each type. It’s also worth noting that the motivations for creating diamonds in the lab and turning ashes into diamonds are vastly different.

What is the approximate cost of turning ashes into diamonds?

The cost of transforming diamonds from ashes varies depending on the carat size and diamond colour you desire, as well as your location. A.1 carat blue, yellow, or colourless diamond starts at $2,999, and larger diamonds cost more.

Because we can only grow one diamond at a time in the machine, the cost increases proportionally to the amount of time the diamond is in the machine. Larger carat sizes must spend more time in the machine, and colours other than yellow, blue, and colourless must go through a further colouring procedure before being sold.

Ashes into Diamonds and The Meaning Behind it

Cremation diamonds, also known as eternal diamonds, or diamonds from ashes, are one of the most beautiful ways to remember a loved one. These diamonds are created in the same way that real diamonds are made by the earth; however, they are produced one at a time. Carbon, heat, and pressure are all elements that play a role in the production process.


Instead of ashes, many people in Singapore prefer to fill their jewellery with strands of hair or earth from the burial site, rather than ashes themselves. When you place an order for human cremation ashes into jewellery, you will receive detailed instructions on how to assemble the piece. They frequently include little screws and funnels to assist you in filling the aperture without spilling any of the contents. Cremation jewellery in the form of urns is the most cost-effective type of cremation jewellery since it transforms ashes into jewellery.


Our Ashes into Diamonds: Procedure Explained

Temperature, pressure, the length of time, and an element such as carbon are all factors to consider. For a diamond to form in the earth’s mantle, it is necessary to have all of these conditions in place. Our scientists use cutting-edge technology to simulate the same conditions for your cremation jewellery, in a day’s work in Singapore. Because each person is unique, we meticulously tailor the experience to meet the specific needs of your loved one.

The ashes eventually give way to a brilliant diamond. After the diamond has reached its maximum size, our master cutters check it to ensure that we can achieve the appropriate size while eliminating inclusions in the process. Following that, we grade and engrave it. If you choose a coloured diamond, it may be subjected to a second colouring process after it has been selected. If you decide to go ahead with the diamond set, we’ll put you in touch with one of our highly qualified jewellers to complete the process. All of our procedures are documented and discussed with you so that you may be confident in the care you receive.


You may be assured that your loved one’s eternal memento jewellery will be as unique as they are. It takes a long time to create a personalized diamond since it is done through a difficult procedure in which everyone engaged is an Eterneva diamond expert at every stage. We handle each person as an individual, with the utmost precision and consideration.

The sudden physical absence of a loved one, whether they are people or pets, elicits a range of complex and profoundly felt emotions in those who are left behind. It is critical to be surrounded by people who are optimistic during this time of great transformation. Our memorials, we believe, should be treated in the same way. We create diamonds that are ageless and elicit positive sentiments of a cherished past and present. Concerning our cherished pets, pet cremation jewellery will be available in Singapore as a particular option in all jewellery stores there.

Diamonds are associated with positive ideals such as promises and long-lasting relationships. The absence of an urn or a headstone is not a symbol of death or loss that has been historically associated with the deceased. Set in a ring or necklace, they become memorials that we can retain with us throughout our lives and even pass down to future generations.

There are many reasons why someone might want to turn the ashes of a loved one into jewellery. For many people, the idea of an urn simply sitting on a table is disturbing and unsettling.

We want to be a source of happiness for those who have suffered the loss of a partner, a friend, a child, or a parent. We assist families and friends in remembering and celebrating the illuminating moments of life through a collaborative and unexpectedly happy process. A diamond is being formed from the ashes of their loved ones, which will allow them to keep it close to them.

If you’re considering cremation jewellery to commemorate the remains of a treasured pet or departed loved one, then do not hesitate to contact Algordanza Singapore for all of your cremation jewellery requirements. They will undoubtedly attend to your requirements in the most professional manner feasible.