Points To Remember Before Buying Oxygen Concentrator Across The World

With the increasing demand for the oxygen concentrator, there is a lot of confusion that can make one worry. In this post, there are 10 major points that one should keep in mind before making the final decision for the purchase.

An oxygen concentrator is considered as the substitute for an oxygen cylinder or tank. Currently, oxygen concentrator’s demand has risen to a great height in India and the world. This is the essential requirement for COVID-19 patients who are facing problems in breathing. The entire world is a fight with the coronavirus as the number of the death and total positive patients are increasing rapidly. The maximum case remains on the higher side as a lot of the patients are currently dealing with the shortage of oxygen levels and this is leading to the huge demand for oxygen concentrators all across the world. The oxygen concentrator sucks the air from the environment and removes the unwanted gases and the concentrator oxygen enters via pipe so that the patient could breathe pure oxygen. The benefit of the concentrator is that is quite portable and can work 24 X 7 similar to the oxygen cylinders. Here are a few of the properties that should always be in mind before the purchase of Oxygen concentrator wholesale

When it is important to have an oxygen concentrator?

This is the important aspect because when one is infected with the COVID-19 virus then he/she may deal with the breathing problem where the need for an oxygen concentrator arises. Normally, the body makes use of the 21% of oxygen concentration but if he/she is a COVID patient then the body can demand more than 90 % of the concentrated oxygen. The oxygen concentrator is highly capable to provide oxygen between 90% and 94%. But all the families need to keep in mind that if the oxygen level of any patient falls below 90% then they should rush to the hospital as a concentrator can supply 5 to 20 liters of oxygen per minute. 

Which type of concentrators is available?

There are two types of concentrators one is a home oxygen concentrator for patients recovering at home and the other type is the portable oxygen concentrator that is for the patients who are traveling or need immediate attention. The home oxygen concentrator is quite bigger which can supply 14 to 15kgs of oxygen and is operated via the direct power supply. Whereas, portable oxygen concentrators are designed to carry out the process without a direct power supply and can be charged similar to a smartphone. But, it is a temporary solution that can supply limited oxygen per minute. 

Check the capacity of the concentrator:

An oxygen concentrator is available in two different sizes i.e. 5 lots/min and 10lts/min. Howsoever,  the 5l capacity concentrator is mort portable and small in size too. But it is recommended to opt for the second option that is 10lts per minute. Moreover, the buyer needs to be clearer with the different oxygen concentration levels. In the market, two different concentrators promise to deliver 87% of oxygen, and the other promises 93%. But as per research, it has been indicated that 93% delivery oxygen concentrator is considered as the best option. The concentration capacity of the machine is considered to be more essential than the flow rate because the oxygen level can drop suddenly which leads to the immediate need for more concentrated oxygen. Then in such case, if the concentrator has the level of 80 and can supply 10 liters of oxygen per minute it is considered to not be a helpful option. 

Finally, always prefer a trusted supplier of Oxygen concentrator wholesale in Delhi who is benefited from the branded solution. There is a number of the brand but Jainsons light online suggest the best and in-stock product that can be delivered on time to the prime locations. But, always considered the US-based oxygen concentrator but Chinese brand are not suitable to offer quality and performance that is the basic requirement of the patients.