Vacuum Cleaner: A Brief Overview of Varieties and Characteristics

A Dust Vacuum Cleaner (เครื่องดูดฝุ่น แป้ง, which is the term in Thai) is an alternative or machinery way of cleaning dust particles on any floor. It is a machine that automatically takes in it the floor-dusts. It is electrical in nature and fast in cleaning. It can be used in personal homes or apartments or offices. Some vacuum cleaners can collect both dust and liquid particles.

According to its various modern configurations and characteristics, vacuum cleaners are classified in many categories:

  • Automatic, semi-automatic and battery-operated vacuum cleaners.
  • Boiler, vertical brush, canister, drum and hand-held vacuum cleaners.
  • Wet, dry, pneumatic and backpack vacuum cleaners.
  • Robotic, cyclonic, central and constellation vacuum cleaners.

Some Brief Details of the Vacuum Cleaners


  • Automatic: With high suction power and better consistency, these vacuum cleaners respond quickly while cleaning a heap of dust. They are used in construction project sites, garages, and car-repair shops.
  • Semi-Automatic: It is both operated and stopped according to the user’s wish. It can suck dust as well as liquid particles and moisture.
  • Boiler: Eco-friendly and noiseless, it has a high suction capability with a streamline control facility and a durable fleece filter.
  • Canister: It has both a separate dust collector machine and a cylindrical container. It is useful for its multi-headed functions.
  • Handheld: Very easy-to-use and lightweight, it can clean both wet and dry dust particles.


Also, the drum vacuum cleaner is so-called because it has a big cylindrical drum to store a huge amount of dust. The Chemical Vacuum Cleaners (เครื่องดูดฝุ่น สารเคมี, term in Thai) can clean dry as well as wet particles and it is very useful for its portability.

Some Maintenance and Safety Tips

  • Dirtbags or containers, hose pipe, and vacuum cleaner brush must be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • The filters have to be cleaned and replaced as needed. The vent covers and belt must be inspected and cleaned properly by professionals.
  • One should not try to inspect by hand the pipe or motor or the filter while the machine is on.

In this age of machines and electronics, we are always trying to move faster than time. And it is due to the voracious developments and improvements of science that we are using machines to get our daily personal works done. Dust Vacuum Cleaner is also an example of such a machine that helps us save our time as well as cleans a large area at lesser time.