Cones Of Construction: What Type And Which Size To Choose?

On a construction site or in an accident, it is essential to ensure both the safety of workers and the public, whether they are motorists, two-wheelers, or pedestrians. An understandable and practical bolardos must be put in place to avoid danger. The signaling cone is one of these devices

The Cone Of The Construction Site: What Use?

The conos de transito are temporary signaling devices of white and orange or white and red color. It is used mainly near construction sites or places of an accident. It is usually set up to prevent the user from accessing the area where the work is taking place. It thus makes it possible to define the obstacle and to define a bypass path: it is a position signaling.

Like any temporary signaling device, the device must be adapted to the type of track, the visibility, the size of the traffic, and the nature of the work. It must also be consistent with permanent signage, and in particular, not conflict with it. Temporary signage must also have some credibility: to be respected by users, and it must be justified, follow the evolution of señalización vial, and be removed at the end of the work. Finally, it must be legible, and therefore in good condition and implanted with care.

How To Choose The Cone Of A Suitable Site?

Cones Without Retroreflective Tape

They can be used exclusively during the day and only on private roads.

BS And BR Cones

The pads of the screen-printed tape type (BS) or retroreflective tape with glass ball (BR) are recommended for daytime use, in agglomeration, or out of agglomeration.

Heavy Traffic Cone

The weight of the heavy cones allows them not to be moved in bad weather.

Road Cones Suitable For Day And Night Use

  • Twisted Road Cone

Some equipment has significant reflective power, which allows them to be seen at night.

  • HI And CL2 Cones

For nighttime use in built-up areas or built-up areas, type HI and Class 2 (CL2) devices are recommended. They have a greater retroreflective power that allows them to be better seen.

  • BP Cones

These are the ones that offer the best visibility. They are mainly used at night outside agglomeration because their coating allows them long-distance visibility, especially on the motorway.