Perfect Bets You Can Trust On Now

We also advise against betting on your favorite team. It’s very tempting, we agree, but extremely dangerous. It is indeed necessary to avoid at all costs to mix bets and emotions, under penalty of taking impulsive decisions. You should always be as objective as possible; just watch the exploits of your favorite team on the small screen, and run away from it on online betting sites.

Successful Sbobet88 Mobile bets necessarily rely on in-depth match analysis. In football, this is not an easy task. This sport is very complex, for two main reasons: on the one hand, because it is a team sport, and, on the other, because the season is very busy. It is therefore necessary to take into account many criteria, such as the form of the teams, their classification, the history of the confrontations between two teams, the place of the match in the football season, its stakes, and the weather. It is also necessary to study the absences, injuries or transfers of players and the composition of the teams, which is far from obvious when the scoresheet is often only revealed a few hours before the event.

Finally, in football, as in all sports, you can only succeed by betting wisely. Having a solid knowledge of the discipline and analyzing each game is essential, but not enough. You will also have to manage your capital with the greatest rigor, never putting more than 5% of your funds into play. This is the key to success in order to win over the long term!

Whether lost or won, what to do after your first bet?

At the end of your first bet, there are 2 possibilities:

Either you are a winner or you can dispose of your winnings (request for reimbursement or commitment of new bets). Be careful in the latter case to respect the rule of 5% of your funds for the (or) new bet (s).

Either you are the loser or the operator will refund your stake within the limit of the bonus amount.

Note that at Betclic this reimbursement is made without conditions.

Even though football is by far the most popular sport with French punters, betting on the round ball is not that easy. To evolve successfully there, it takes rigor, perseverance and solid knowledge. However, if you follow the 5 steps previously mentioned (especially by preparing well for matches and tightening your purse strings), you should be able to pull off some pretty good shots.

Set a road map and don’t change course

Anglo-Saxons also use the term ‘bankroll management’. This consists of setting the rules of engagement for bets and not changing all the time. Start determining a monthly deposit amount that you should not exceed and stick to your limits. You can use it for the mechanisms of ‘ responsible gaming ‘ set up by the operators on their sites. Do not commit more than 5% of your bankroll on an elementary bet. Finally, use multiple bets and other combos sparingly.