Horse Racing was already a diversion in ancient Greece, but it was the English who gave it the name by which we know it today: Turf. This term comes from the fields where the races were held, which were covered with “turf” (grass).

To bet on horse racing, you first have to know what types of bets you can make.

Horse Racing Bet Types

  • Winner : which horse will come in first position
  • Twin : which horses will arrive in first and second place in exact order
  • Reversible twin : which horses will arrive in 1st and 2nd place without distinction
  • Trio : which horses will arrive in the top 3 places in exact order
  • Reversible trio: which horses will arrive in the first 3 positions interchangeably?

From here, making optimal forecasts is the key. Check the statistics of the horse and the jockey do not be seduced by the favorites, know the weather forecast for that racecourse all the information you can collect helps to build more accurate forecasts.

United Kingdom and Ireland are the countries where the turf is followed with more fervor and their careers are known worldwide in bet188 horse betting: Kempton, South well, Wexford, Hereford, Fundal, Ludlow, Chelmsford City, and Hamilton. Great selection racetracks at your disposal.


Here comes into play knowledge, the situation of the teams, and the development of the match … live betting is used while the match is active.

History of each player: Check the statistics of the last matches and their behavior on different surfaces. In this way you can make your forecasts more accurately.

Performance: Have you had any recent injuries? Has your game declined in quality in recent games? Or conversely does he have an unstoppable streak? Find out about the performance of the players in previous matches.

Motivational difference: Player motivation is essential in all sports, but even more so in individual sports such as tennis. When the rivals are very even, the difference in motivation between them is usually the one who tips the victory for one or the other tennis player.

Types of Tennis Bets

Tournament Winner: For the most patient fans. This type of bet dictates who will be the winner of a given tournament. The highest odds will always be before the tournament begins.

Match winner: In tennis there are no ties, so at the end of the match, the victory will be for one of the players.

Scoring: Here you bet on the results of each set (6-1, 0-6).

Number of sets: You bet on how many games will make up each set or the total number of sets that will be played in each match.

These would be the most common bets to start making your tennis predictions. For more advanced players there are handicap bets, on the Lucia blog “Open Game” you can find this type of bet and what you need to know before placing it.

Live Tennis – Today’s Matches

Racquet sport is one of the most followers it gathers to bet live. Lucia offers you different markets to make your bets easy at any time during the match. Will there be a tie-break in a match? Who will win a certain point? All these markets can be found in Live Betting.