What Is The Annual Income Of A Professional Casino Player?

Before taking a plunge into casino games, every gambler has thought of what it would be like to earn a living out of it. In fact many gamblers visualize making a 6-figure salary, dressing like James Bond, partying around and traveling the world!

But the question is whether or not being a professional gambler is actually this much profitable. Let’s take a quick look at what professional gambling is and how much you can earn from it by choosing to play online casino Planet 7 OZ.

Defining a Professional Gambler

The term ‘professional gambler’ is often used both for players who make part-time and full-time income via gambling. This is because people belonging to both groups will have skills of earning long-term profits. Hence, as long as you’re earning something from casinos, you’ll be deemed to be a pro gambler of any type.

Do you know what the income of a professional casino player is? Everyone who loves playing baccarat online (บาคาร่าออนไลน์) and gambles wants to know what the real income of a casino player is, so that they can play it at a better place and earn more money than what they already made. Read on to discover some of the ways in which a professional casino player makes his dough and achieve that status that he wishes to have.

However, a true pro will not just earn profits through gambling but should earn enough to be able to meet all his living expenses. Such expenses may include utilities, rent, insurance payments, car payment, clothes, meals and all the other things that are categorised as ‘necessary’.

Professional Gambler’s salaries in different games


One of the most viable options at hand for a pro gambler is poker and the main reason is because you’re competing against other competitors rather than the house. As the right strategy has become more prevalent, it has gotten tougher to earn a living in poker. Nevertheless, majority of the poker pros these days earn between $40,000 and $100,000 in a year. In poker, there are two types of professionals: cash game and tournament pros.

Cash Game

  • Profit is calculated in big blinds or BB made per hour
  • You can exercise more control on annual salary than the tournaments
  • House will get 5% rake from cash game ports for hosting the games


  • Profits measured by ROI on buy-ins
  • Only top 10-15% of the field makes money
  • House adds 10% fee to buy-ins
  • Tournaments have increased variance than cash games

A cash grinder will have to determine the stakes he will play to earn a comfortable living according to the BB earned per hour. A tournament pro will decide the buy-in level they should choose to make a high ROI for living in a comfortable way.


The good news with video poker is that it can guarantee yourself profits in case you become a skilled player. The con is that there are fewer EV machines in the casino these days. In video poker, you can play the best bet by taking on a full-pay Deuces Wild machine that pays back 100.76%. You also have to take advantage of double and triple comp point promotions. However, even in an ideal situation, the odds of making a good living by playing video poker are grim. You may earn $13.10/hour.

So, if you want to make money by gambling, learn the tricks of the trade before making big decisions.