PAAS technology – Pros and Cons for Accounting and financial institutions in India

PAAS, which is used as a short term for the word “Platform as a service” is unclear by many as to whether it is a sort of software or a kind of technology that enables software functioning. Well the PAAS technology is optimized to produce ready-made software services, i.e. the service receiver already provides its customers with the software ready for operation.

Lately, PAAS solutions have been in the hype, as it has assuredly proved to be a cost-saver, more secure, and more flexible way to run a business. Businesses across the world have been seeking a way to make the most of their resources by grabbing these PAAS solutions. In India, PAAS culture is in a phase of development, as many are not yet familiar with the technology.

With Accounting Software like Tally, PAAS comes out the best. With this accounting application, PAAS can be used by the service providers to provide their customers with ready-made tally solutions. This is known as Tally on Cloud. Tally on Cloud uses the advantages of cloud computing to operate and manage your tally account from anywhere and at any time as needed.

Tally on cloud with PAAS provides you with the personalized solution for your accounting software management. No extra software or hardware would be needed to run your Tally account. Tally on Cloud with PAAS lets you adapt to the comfortable state from which you prefer to run your tally account. The PAAS supported Tally on Cloud takes care of all sorts of management functions of your tally accounting software.

From the above summary, PAAS certainly seems like a no brainer but let’s understand a few more pros and cons in order to get a better idea-


Time and money saver, because you wouldn’t have to spend massive funds in tools for managing your accounting software.

With Tally on Cloud, you get greater accessibility, as you can access it anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Upgraded cloud infrastructure provides your Tally on Cloud with maximum uptime.

The cloud’s extremely reliable and secured backup features to store your data against the threat with utmost security.


While being one of its biggest advantages, if not properly handled the remotely located program of Tally on Cloud could turn out to be a challenge.

Without good Internet access Tally on Cloud would not function properly.

Internet connection speed plays the only key role in processing your Tally on Cloud services, so if you want to upload a large collection of data, you need to make sure you have a feasible connection to the internet to run that.

When you don’t select the right service provider, the security of your data may also be a concern. There may be those who reflect bit light on data management and storage.

Tally on Cloud with PAAS could be a smart approach for the management of your business accounting software and can relieve the complicated workload of the orthodox structure and function of your business. You can use the services of ready-to-use software with PAAS. For any information about Tally on Cloud, visit